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  • How to Avoid Being a Terrible Tourist

    New year comes with new resolutions. For travelers, one on their list is to travel farther and frequently. If you have plans on taking your itchy feet on international roads, research beforehand about their destinations to see, foods to try, and most importantly, their customs and traditions so as not to be that type of […]

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  • 6 Key Facts About Real Estate Investment in Cyprus

    Real Estate Investment

    For decades, Cyprus enjoyed a political stability which marks it one of the most prominent destinations. It’s widely known for its flourishing democracy that withstood against the recent economic recession. On the contrary, Cyprus is a healthy economy with ever expanding social network making its real estate industry worthy of an investment. Your options as […]

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  • 7 Steps To Select The Best Backsplash For A Beautiful & Smart Kitchen

    kitchen tips

    Oftentimes, the backsplash peeks out between your appliances and cabinetry. However, its importance must not be underestimated. Your backsplash can steal the spotlight from your oven cooktop and sink.  Common materials used include stainless steel, glass, and tiles. Before choosing the backsplash, you must first choose the colour of the benchtop and the cabinets. The […]