3 Powerful Android Entertainment Applications That Will Never Let You Bore


Entertainment is a flavour of your life. You cannot miss out on it. And it is apparent that in present time, you can get the utmost entertainment through applications. You would agree that Every time you are struck with boredom, the foremost thing that you do is take out smartphone from the pocket and start looking for a thing to watch or listen. Different people have their different ways of driving entertainment and the good news is that you can find the best entertainment applications for your desire.

There are dozens of applications available that you might get hooked on to but here you would find a list of some of the best entertainment apps for Android that will act as a stress reliever and help you release some tension. You can find the finest applications in the realm of third party store named 9apps. You can do 9apps install and get a wealth of applications once you look into the options.So, without wasting any second have a look at some of the entertaining applications below:


Netflix is a wonderful streaming service that comes with quite a collection of popular shows, amazing movies of all time and even, Netflix original shows. You can easily search movies from titles and the collection is continually expanding as fresh episodes are added as they get aired. It works on all types of the platforms so you can watch it on any of the devices. Begin to watch it on a device and resume watching on another. You get a one-month trial to explore this app’s services. You can rate the shows and movies that you prefer or dislike this in turn will assist Netflix to suggest better titles for you.


Dubsmash is an Android entertainment app that enables you to form entertaining video clippings. You cando lip-sync your favourite dialogues or even songs and share them with friends. The application is available with the largest library of Sounds like that of classic movie quotes, famous dialogues, funny sounds, and more. You can even add special effects to the videos such as text, stickers. It is a wonderful way to pass your time and have fun with family and friends.You can make a lot of content and share it for fun and enjoyment.


Ted is one of the finest entertainment apps for Android as it is a platform that gets to you innovative thinkers, and technologists on your tiny screen. This Android app is available with simple interface and works natively in twenty four languages. You get to browse the whole talk’s library with subtitles in more than hundred languages. The thinkers with a broad perspective full of a lot of myths and helping people in knowing unknown facts can be a great medium of entertainment. You can form your own playlist and add videos that you prefer to watch. Moreover, you can even download videos and audio to playback.

So, go ahead and download these three refreshing and amazing applications from 9apps install in your device and eradicate boredom.