3 Tips That Will Help You To Clean And Maintain Your Air

Today, air conditioners are smartly built and easily accessible. Air conditioners have been accepted by the customers for many years as it helps maintain comfort and keeps us cool on hot summer days.

There are numerous variations among the different types of air conditioners. They include window air conditioners, portable air conditioners, ducted air conditioners, wall hung air conditioners and many more. And among these, the best air conditioner is the central air conditioning.

Benefits of using an Air conditioner

  • It provides us with moisture removal technology
  • Cleans the polluted air
  • Makes the surroundings safe and germ-free.
  • Installing air conditioners in your home helps asthma patients.
  • It helps us get a good sleep.
  • Air conditioners reduce the risk of cancer.

Ways to keep your air clean

Just buying a 3 star Air conditioner is not enough. In order to ensure that the air conditioner works smoothly and efficiently, you need to maintain it from time to time. In this post, we will discuss a few of the maintenance tips that will help your AC to work seamlessly. 

Remove the dirty air filters.

In the air conditioners, filters are placed near the front of the duct. Remove off the screws carefully and take out the dirty filters carefully.

These filters are of two types. If the filters are reusable, soak them in warm water for a while. It will loosen the dirt and will make it easier to clean it. Clean it with a cotton cloth smoothly and let it dry out completely before inserting it again.

If the filters are non-reusable, then change the filters regularly. The average period to change those filters should be 6 months.

Maintenance of the coil is equally important.

Coils are usually placed behind the condenser units. Cleaning these coils at least once a year will help maintain the AC performance. There might be cobwebs and dirt around the coils. Clean it using a soft brush or by hand. 

Maintenance of the AC unit

If the aluminium foils are bent, straighten them using fin combs. The fin combs easily straighten the fins when we run them along their lengths. 

Look for gaps between the AC unit and the wall. Fill those gaps using adhesive or clay-like material. Checking for these gaps should be done at least once a year.

Also, there are 2 fans on the rear side of the AC.

As this fan sucks air around it, there is a possibility of dust or foreign pollutants being trapped in it. Hence washing fans is important for us to get healthy air inside the room.  Wash those fans with water and let them dry out before fitting the Air conditioner again. Washing these fans should be done twice a year.


  • Air conditioners require regular maintenance.
  • If by chance, the air is not completely filtered, then there might be situations where all the members in the house might be affected adversely. 
  • Many people cannot afford to install multiple air conditioners in their houses.


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