3 Ways To Make Your Office More Calming for Patients


As a dentist, doctor or other medical professional, one of your biggest challenges is helping patients feel at ease in your practice. Fortunately, there are a few simple changes you can make to your office environment to help patients feel calm the moment they step through your front door. Here are three suggestions to get you started.

1. Install an Aquarium

Did you know watching fish swim around is actually good for your health? It’s also a powerful anti-anxiety tool that doctors use in their practices all the time. Studies show that large aquariums can boost mood and decrease blood pressure and heart rate. The stress-relieving benefits may be due to the appearance of the fish themselves, the sound of the running water in the aquarium, or a combination of both.

If you plan to arrange aquarium installation Denver for your practice, you can maximize the soothing benefits by choosing fish in colors known to promote calm. These include: blue, green, pink, gray, violet and white. Keep in mind that light, soft blues are better at calming the mind than dark, intense blues.

2. Harness the Power of Scent

Did you know some scents have the power to influence mood? Lavender, jasmine, valerian and vanilla are all known for their calming properties. If possible, find quality candles with these scents or diffuse the pure essential oils in the waiting room of your practice. Even the most anxious patients are likely to respond positively to these fragrances.

3. Choose the Right Paint Color

If you paint your practice walls bright red, orange or yellow, you may be inadvertently contributing to your patients’ sense of anxiety. The most healing hues are soft and muted rather than bold and energetic. As with fish, choosing paint colors in soft blue, green, violet and pink hues can have a remarkably relaxing effect.

Making your office feel safe for patients is easier than you may think. Start by trying these three tips for making your practice more calming.