4 Steps To Take When You Lock Yourself Out of Your House


You have seen it on the cartoons, read about it in books and on the news, but when you lock yourself out of your house, it can be utterly frustrating. If there are no emergencies such as cooking food going on inside, take a deep breath, realize how funny the situation is, and laugh about it. Then take these four steps to resolve the situation.

Call a Locksmith

If you have your phone with you, or if you can ask to borrow a neighbor’s phone, Call a residential locksmith Orlando. With the help of a friendly technician, you can be back into your home within minutes; and as a bonus, the tech can probably tell you several stories of how other people locked themselves out of their home under hilarious situations.

Try a Window

Look around your home and see if any of your windows are open. If you find one you can climb through, be careful as you shimmy through the opening that you don’t break anything glass and injure yourself. If the window is too high to get through, ask a neighbor for help with a ladder.

Call Your Friend

If one of your friends has a key to your house, call him or her. Not only can they laugh the situation off with you, but they can also quickly let you into the house. The downside is that you may endure many teasing banters during your relaxing evenings with your friends.

Try a Neighbor

If you expect your spouse, significant other, or roommate to arrive shortly, your neighbor may offer a cup of coffee or tea and a good laugh while you wait. If it is a trusted neighbor, they may even have an emergency key you can borrow back to get into your house.

Although locking yourself out of your home can be frustrating, there are solutions to the problem if you take a few moments to think of the possibilities. Use the list of four steps above and see if one of them works for you.