5 Signs You Should Consider Dental Implants

Dental Braces

Is your smile not as dazzling as it used to be? Are you not as confident in your appearance as before? There’s a permanent solution to your issues—dental implants. This might sound scary for some, but dental implants are less invasive than you might think, and they produce amazing results for both your dental health and appearance. So should you consider this procedure for yourself? 

Chipped teeth

One in five people is expected to suffer at least some form of tooth trauma during their lives. With trauma like chipped teeth, it’s easy to opt for dental implants. When a tooth is damaged, a dental crown might be a good solution as well, but overly severe damage can be solved only with implants. These implants match your natural teeth and it’s almost impossible for non-experts to see the difference. Implants are a permanent solution for even the most severe chips and damage, and you can go back to your previous life of laughing, eating and talking. 

Missing teeth

Missing one or more of your teeth, which can happen for many reasons, will not only disturb your aesthetic appeal but also cause shifting in your teeth, bone deterioration and issues with speaking and eating. The easiest solution for missing teeth is dental implants. When choosing the perfect clinic for you, make sure to opt for a place with all the newest tech. Australia has amazing clinics with all the top world experts and newest procedures. For instance, if you choose experts collaborating with an innovative dental lab in Australia, you can get out of their office with the highest-quality implants. To replace missing teeth, your dentist needs to use the best materials and equipment, so choose carefully. 

Dentures that don’t fit

Dentures that don’t fit properly not only cause tremendous annoyance but also result in pain and discomfort. If your dentures don’t feel good anymore, you can swap them for implants as a more secure option. Dental implants provide all the practicality and ease of your natural teeth and will stay in place no matter what you do. It will save you a world of irritation, both physical and emotional. 

Bone loss in the jaw

Do you notice your face changing shape? Dental implants can help with that as well. With time, tooth loss can cause your bones to lose shape and substance, giving you a hollow look. This can also be noticed in people who wear dentures, because dentures do not promote bone regeneration. Implants, on the other hand, promote osteointegration since implant roots stimulate the bone in the jaw to grow or retain shape and mass. If you don’t like the caved-in look of your face, consider booking a consultation with a dental expert and mention implants. After implants, you’ll go through a natural facelift, while also regaining your ability to talk normally and eat whatever you like. Your confidence will skyrocket and you’ll minimize the bone loss chances over time. 

Difficulty while eating

People who are missing teeth or having to deal with dentures often experience difficulties chewing and swallowing. Empty spots in your denture place uneven stress on your teeth and gums when you eat, and can also expose your root surface which can be extremely painful. People who suffer from this condition often experience discomfort when consuming hot or cold foods and eating hard and crunchy things. In some cases, they have to give up eating certain foods altogether! Limiting your diet leads to eating disorders and malnutrition, but also lowered life satisfaction. Luckily, with implants that function just like your natural teeth, chewing and swallowing are much easier. You will not only have a better smile but also regain your ability to eat all your favorite foods once again. 

Don’t let dental issues stop you from enjoying your life to the fullest. With your dental implants, you’ll smile, eat and talk like never before—it’s an investment that keeps on giving.