5 Simple Hacks to Make Your Bathroom Stand Out


Bathrooms are one of the most imminent parts of the home as you have to visit it daily therefore it becomes necessary that your bathroom is clean and it looks good and even smells nice.

A lot of time it happens that you spend too much time in setting up your bathroom and still, it won’t look good but with the help of this article, you can make your bathroom look like a lavishing and flourishing piece of art established in your home.

1. Install A Towel Rack

Installing a towel rack can be really very beneficial as it saves space and is comfortable to keep your towels and other necessary things on the rack while taking a shower or doing any other work in the bathroom.

If you adopt this method then you can use the multiple towels and you don’t have to worry about making space for multiple towels in your bathroom which comes handy.

Also check out these amazing hand held shower heads with slide bar for your bathroom.

2.  Use A Organizer In The Bathroom

A lot of times people find it very confusing where to keep metallic items in the bathroom as it has very less space so you should stick in a magnetic stripe on the inner side of the bathroom equipment box.

By using a metallic stripe you can keep all your items made up of iron like bobby pins and hair clip attached to the metallic strip in the equipment box of the bathroom and you will never lose them or get them wet unnecessarily in the bathroom so this a must from our side.

3. Make Unusual Storage Spaces

Try to search and make storage space in your bathroom wherever you find a possibility and at first it might seem a little hard but if you spend some time analyzing your bathroom you will start getting ideas of how you can make your way out to get some extra space in your bathroom, once you are confident of the space fix then try to get most out of that space to utilize most out of the bathroom.

You can use this space to store extra paper products like paper soaps and normal soaps and any other compact bathroom equipment that you need to keep for long time which you use like wax and hair removal items.

4. Use A Dual-Purpose Mirror

This bathroom hack is a really smart and stylish idea for your mirror space utilization in the bathroom, people usually use single purpose mirror and hardly think of getting a dual purpose mirror but if I say that using a dual purpose mirror can be really smart and helpful then it is true.

The Dual Purpose mirror also called the two in one mirror serves as a great hack for storage solution for small spaces, it performs different functions while open and closed as when it is closed it an on trend round mirror which can be utilized for last minute makeup checks.

When you open it, you can see that all the shelves it has, can be used to keep all your health care, makeup and beauty products and other cosmetics in it, so this way it really serves a great purpose and takes less space which is the main advantage of using a dual purpose mirror.

Using a proper shower head along with a good mirror will definitely going to add charm to your bathroom.

5. Utilize Your Bathroom Door

It can be really a great hack if you can use the bathroom door for some storage or grooming purpose, for instance you can install magnetic memo board where you can keep the less used items in your bathroom and it will help you clear the other storage space available in the bathroom for other purpose.

The door is always there for you to utilize and you can use the door space according to your choice and you can even keep your conditioner s, shampoo other products like less used products like hair removal cream etc. It is totally up to you how you want to utilize that door space in your bathroom.