5 Skincare Tips You Should Take from Australians

Skin Care

Taking care of your skin goes beyond simple cleansing and moisturising. Aussie babes know first-hand how challenging it can be to look after your skin when you live by the ocean. From constantly slathering on SPF to keeping your skin radiant from the inside, we bring you some of the best-kept beauty secrets that Australian women swear by. Improve your skincare routine with these simple and effective steps.  

SPF is sacred

Regardless of the amount of time you’ll spend outdoors, applying sunscreen is a must, according to Australian women. The sun rays can cause severe damage to your skin cells when you spend fifteen minutes in the street or three hours at the beach. That’s why you should keep your sunscreen right next to your makeup to apply every time before you go out. Alternatively, keep it anywhere where you’ll always spot it before heading out. Sometimes you won’t necessarily apply makeup, but you’ll know that you shouldn’t miss out on sunblock. Apply SPF from head to toe to make sure your skin is well protected during an entire day.

Hydrate your face

Aside from sun protection, deep moisturising is vital for healthy-looking skin. Australian women love to keep their skin supple with hydrating serums. They swear by Australian skincare and cosmetics products such as sheet masks that help them follow their regular moisturising pattern in the morning and the evening. In between, they’ll throw in a pampering day when they’ll apply a sheet mask to complete the process. Feel free to use homemade facial masks for your skin type to add an extra layer of protection and hydration to your face.

Hydrate from the inside

Water is the source of life, so it’s only natural to keep up with your water intake during the day. Not only will your body benefit from a litre of water a day, but your skin will also look glowing and plump. Aussie babes know that hydrating from the inside is equally as important as hydrating the skin from the outside. That’s why they always have a reusable water bottle at hand to hydrate during the day. Be it at work, school, while running errands or doing chores, drinking at least one litre of water a day is a must if you want flawless skin that even Australian women will envy you for.

Look after that pout

How often do you nourish those lips of yours? Many women don’t remember to use lip balms until their lips are chapped and begging for some care. Don’t be one of those women, but follow useful tips from Aussie women. Protect your pout daily, just like you’d protect your skin. Use an SPF-rich lip balm and apply it every time before going out. Be it winter or summer, the sun can reach your lips and make them look unattractive and painful if the skin starts to crack. On top of that, remember to exfoliate your pout once a week with a nourishing lip scrub. Apply an overnight lip mask to prepare the lips for the next favourite shade of your favourite lipstick.

Facial mist for extra freshness

The Australian climate can be a nightmare for the skin, causing several predicaments such as excess oiliness or high dryness, on the other hand. That’s why Aussie babes always carry a bottle of refreshing facial mist with them. A spritz here and there offers the necessary dose of freshness while keeping the skin hydrated and glowing. If you go for the makeup-friendly formula, you can use the mist to refresh your maquillage and give your skin the needed pick-me-up.

Beautiful face

Final thoughts

No matter how much you know about skincare, there’s always room for improvement and new insight. So, take a good look at the tips from Aussie women because you’ll find invaluable information that will help your skin look flawless no matter the season.