5 Things Every New Car Owner Should Know About Tyres


Buying a car is one of the greatest investments in the world, and it’s one of those things that will improve the quality of your life in more ways than one. However, if you’re a first-time car owner with no previous experience, you’ll have to learn quite a lot before you can enjoy your vehicle to the fullest. One of the things you’ll have to dedicate time and energy to is the situation with your tyres. These things often confuse car owners, but the fact is that your tyres are among the most important parts of your vehicle and the things that make it run – literally! That’s why you have to learn a bit more about tyres as soon as you can, and here are five things all new car owners should know about them.

Learn how to pick the right size

Tyres come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s something all car owners know. Buying a car means that it’s already equipped with the appropriate tyres, but what if you’re trying to buy new ones and don’t know the size? There are lots of different sizes on the market, but only one for your car. The size of your tyres depends on several different factors, including the type of your car, its size, and horsepower, so you need to check all of these factors out and talk to people with experience before you start looking for new tyres. And once you do that, make sure you write these dimensions down and remember them because that’s going to make your life a lot easier next time you’re about to start this process. 

Learn how often you should replace them

Most people believe that their car tyres are going to last for decades and once you buy a new set of tyres, you’re done worrying about them. Unfortunately, while that may be the easiest and most practical way to go, this isn’t possible. The lifespan of your tyres depends on how often you’re driving your car, what sort of vehicle you own, and what terrain you’re covering, but the fact is that you’ll have to replace new tyres and invest in new ones eventually. This usually comes after a certain number of miles – 25,000 to 80,000 miles – or after you get into an accident, but don’t be afraid to replace your tyres as soon as you notice that they might not be working properly. 

Learn who to talk to

Another problem lots of new car owners are facing is thinking they can do everything on their own when it comes to tyres. While you can check the pressure yourself and notice signs of wear, you shouldn’t replace them unless you have proper tools, training, and experience. And since most of us don’t, taking your car to an expert is always a better alternative, wherever in the world you are. If you live in Australia, for instance, you might explore a reputable tyre shop in Inner West that’s going to take amazing care of your tyres and help your car run like new regardless of its age. 

Learn how to maximize them

All tyres have a certain lifespan and when you wear them out, they need to go. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use a few tricks to make them last a little bit longer. Learning these shouldn’t be too hard because it all comes down to simple ideas. Don’t drive too fast, watch your load’s weight, keep your eyes on the road, and check the tyre pressure as often as you can. And if you do these things regularly, your tyres will last longer and you’ll be saving tons of money in the long run. 

Learn how tyres can save fuel

Doing all these things won’t always be easy and most drivers won’t have enough patience and energy to lose their time with their tyres. But, if you do everything right, not only will your tyres last longer, but you’ll also be able to save money on fuel. If the pressure is set perfectly and your tyres are brand new, you’ll reach a new level of fuel efficiency quite easily. This might not seem like a lot in the beginning, but if you act this way for longer, you’ll have to use less gas and, consequently, spend less money on your car. 

Being a new car owner is exciting, but also challenging, which is why you might use all the help you can get, so look into these five tips and have a great time driving your new car!