5 Travel Resolutions To Keep In Mind For 2018


We only have a couple more days left before 2017 bid us goodbye. We’ve had a fair share of amazing travel stories and experiences this year and hopefully, we get to cross more things out on our bucket list for the upcoming year.

With 2018 just right around the corner and while you’re already working on a handful of New Year’s resolutions at hand, touch on the goals you want to achieve travel-wise for the coming year.

Instead of looking for the cheapest travel fares and hotel accommodations; and drafting your travel plans for 2018, work on your ‘travel resolutions’ that will help you get more immersed with each of your journey and enjoy more meaningful slices of wanderlust.

Go on a volunteer-focused trip

One of the many great ways to immerse yourself in culture and get to know different types of people all the while helping them is to conduct or join volunteer missions planned within your scheduled trip to your chosen destination.

If you plan on doing a trip to Thailand, you could volunteer at an elephant sanctuary or teach English for free in countries where it’s considered a second language. If you plan on going to any beach destinations, you could do a clean-up drive by the shores. Help keep the trash away from our sea creature friends. Imagine that sense of accomplishment simultaneous with the feeling of relaxation and appreciation for the places you visit, it’s priceless.

Overcome your fears

What are your fears? What are the things you’ve always wanted to try and do but the voice that says “no” in the back of your head holds you back?

This 2018, go do something and conquer what scares you. Whether it’s trying out bungee jumping, hiking up a volcano, trying out rock climbing, parasailing, skydiving, scuba diving, and so on, make it a part of your travel itinerary to cross out one or two of your fears. This is also a great way to plan your travel trips around with.

Plan and go on a solo adventure

More than that, solo travel doesn’t necessarily mean going on adventures and spending your whole vacation alone. Chances are you’ll meet fellow solo travelers that you’ll likely hit the road with, visit places and do activities together. Do you recall the last time you met actual strangers (not introduced to you by friends) that you’ve had meaningful conversations and eventually, became friends with? It’s a good way to get out of your comfort zone and practice your social skills!

If you’ve never tried traveling solo, make 2018 the year to explore and destinations with yourself and ultimately, get to know the deeper parts of your being. Solo travel is a great way to build up your self-trust, self-esteem, and independence.

Travel lighter

In this day and age where you can upload and share photos of your travels on your social media accounts has become a habit, ‘do it for the gram’ mindset has unconsciously influenced us to pack several outfits and accessories for our trips. Admit it or not, it can be a tad bit embarrassing to share photos of yourself wearing the same clothes albeit in different places.

Here’s some news for you, the convenience and comfort of packing a lighter bag is the utmost priority rather than your outfit photo + accessories to be posted on Instagram. Make it a habit to bring only the necessities and maybe one extra set of clothes just in case. Pro tip: opt for plain clothes for versatility.

Make that dream trip happen

Whether it’s to see the Northern Lights, visit the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry castle, stroll among the many Game of Thrones set locations, or as simple as visiting the place where Harry met Sally or where the F.R.I.E.N.D.S favorite hangout café, it’s time to make that trip happen.

Whatever and wherever you have planned for 2018 travel-wise, make sure that those are actionable plans that you can tangibly accomplish and at the same time, make your travels lighter and spiced up. Let 2018 be your year for more sensible adventures. Happy travels!


About the author: An adventurer at heart, Chie aims to finish her travel bucket list before she hits 40. For the meantime, she writes forHoliday Inn Parramatta Accommodation—stay and experience the historical part of Sydney whether for business or leisure.