6 Destinations To Visit In 2018

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2017 has been an absolute fun, busy year for frequent and first-time travelers alike. Traveling may not be cheap but it sure is something worth spending on. It can be scary and a challenge when it comes to laying out your agenda, however, it’s all worth it when you get to your destination and witness with your own eyes the beauty and enlightenment that comes with traveling.

Since more and more travelers are on the lookout in planning their next trips, we’ve rounded up a few destinations you should consider putting on your travel bucket list for 2018. Another year, another busy yet fruitful adventure-filled journey.


Contrary to what many people may perceive of how dangerous Cuba is, it’s colorful and rich in culture countryside (particularly Viñales) will break that stigma of yours. The place is alive and charmingly pleasing to the eyes. That’s why it deserves a spot on your 2018 travel bucket list. If you want a quick escape from the usual beaches and skylines, a trip to Cuba will give you that sense of adventure.


Morocco is a sweet destination for those who are looking for less expensive places to travel. People can now fly at a low-cost directly to Essaouira from France and UK. Morocco has a lot to offer: breezy strolls by the beach and kitesurfing, for instance.

Most important of all, Moroccan food is a different albeit delightful sensation you must try. A good plus: it won’t break the bank.

South Korea

South Korea has been a favorite spot for travelers this 2017 and still is for the upcoming year (regardless if you’ve already visited it or not). They have a beach, Buddhist temples, urban nightlife, and so on.

With the growing popularity of Korean skincare, technological advancements, traditional hanboks and trendy fashion style, places to reenact your favorite KDramas in, and a whole lot more things and places that are IG-worthy, South Korea is the place to visit for those who want lots of things to do—because you’ll never run out of things to do there.


Now that there are non-stop flights from Melbourne and London to the soaring nation that is Chile, it’s easier to visit now and experience its beautiful capital, Santiago; and the breathtaking wilderness of Patagonia. Chile will satisfy you with its picturesque landscapes and force of nature. The nation prospers with a rich history, lively culture, and lovely people.


Portugal is a country that radiates astonishing culture, stunning art, evocative history, divine food, marvelous sceneries, and a whole lot more. This small nation may be overshadowed by its neighboring countries but it’s no surprise that more and more nomads and travelers are exploring Portugal.

New Zealand

Before it was known as the perfect setting of the mythical Middle-earth, New Zealand has been and continues to attract travelers whose life run on fun-filled yet meaningful adventures. It has one of the most endearing landscapes, topography, and wilderness. The country is very peaceful and exquisite, and the people there are well-meaning and down-to-earth which will make your visit there a lot more worthwhile.

Do you have any other destinations that are worth visiting for the coming year? Share your thoughts and experiences with us!

About the author: An adventurer at heart, Chie aims to finish her travel bucket list before she hits 40. For the meantime, she writes for Holiday Inn Parramatta Accommodation—stay and experience the historical part of Sydney whether for business or leisure.