6 Reasons Why Couples Should Get Marriage Counselling Now and Then


Getting pieces of advice from professional marriage counsellors is far more extensive for married couples than it seems to be. It’s because marriage counselling has saved a lot of seemingly failing marriages, resolved countless marital issues, and helped then married couples to separate or divorce peacefully. 

However, a lot of couples have been disregarding the significance of marriage counselling nowadays. Some married couples think that marriage counselling isn’t essential to make the marriage last for as long as the lifetime. And that’s why we gathered these reasons why every couple should get marriage counselling now and then. 

So, for all the couples who are planning to get married soon, you might want to learn why you should both get marriage or premarital counselling beforehand. And for those who are married for years now but haven’t tried marriage counselling yet for once, then you might also want to proceed to the next few pages. Read further and find out the importance of marriage counselling to you and your spouse. 

Communication and transparency issues

Aside from loyalty and faithfulness, communication is one of the factors that helps couples build trust within the relationship. That’s why practising healthy and strong communication can be every relationship’s foundation. 

If you see a problem communicating your feelings, thoughts and opinion with your spouse, know that marriage counselling can help you with that. In marriage counselling, couples may learn the proper way of communicating with their partner.

Since the communication style of the other party may differ from the other, a marriage counsellor will help them find the best communication style that works best for their marriage.

Building better relationship within the marriage

One of the best reasons why married couples should get marriage counselling now and then is it helps in building better bond within the marriage. Since not all partners can build a friendship with their spouse, the expert marriage counsellors may help them through marriage counselling. 

Building a friendship with your spouse will make both of you feel a lot more comfortable with one another and feel a lot more bonded too. And it will also help both of you achieve a healthier and better emotional level that for sure will strengthen the relationship.

Sex or intimacy issues 

Sex or intimacy has a crucial role in every marriage. It helps married couples get more connected, develop trust with each other, relieves stress, but can also be the source of anxiety and may turn the bedroom into the couple’s battleground. 

When the marriage lacks sex or intimacy, couples may feel emotionally-distant, the spouse may have physical or sexual insecurities, and may result in finding physical and emotional comfort from another person. It’s a good thing that marriage counselling may help married couples to prevent encountering these unfortunate possibilities within the marriage.

Adultery and infidelity

The mere fact of finding out that your spouse cheated on you or have an affair with someone else is very much painful. While some partners choose to file for divorce or legal separation, some couples tend to brave the storm and resolve the issue together. 

And that’s when that marriage counselling will enter the frame. If you don’t mind knowing, marriage counselling helps couples heal from the unparalleled pain caused by adultery or infidelity. Marriage counselling experts provide a step-by-step guide to help married couples go through grief and rebuild a better future for their marriage. 

Issues concerning extended families

Coping with the in-laws, your partner’s children from his/her former marriages, exes, relatives and friends might be very stressful. And we can’t deny the fact that not all partners can support their spouse when it comes to their extended families. 

If not handled properly, such issues might ruin the marriage or cause repetitive fights between married couples. It’s a good thing that marriage counselling may also help married couples resolve issues about extended families. 

When a divorce starts showing on the horizon

For married couples out there, seek help from the marriage counselling experts before it’s too late. When a decision of filing for divorce starts showing on the horizon, try your best to work things out by getting marriage counselling with your partner. Marriage counselling may help both of you address marital issues, fulfil healing process, or to nurture your communication, which are most likely keys to save your marriage. 

Marriage counselling might not be the best option you might have in mind when trying to resolve marital issues with your partner. But with the following factors above, we hope that you wouldn’t shrug off the idea of visiting a marriage counselling professional to help you out with your marriage concerns. 



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