7 Best Floor Lamps for Every Décor Style!

floor lamps

Things that make a house adorable are not just its scale or a picturesque view. The interior of a house is the main highlight. The interior décor style is what gives a home its true essence. Floor lamps today, have become a quintessential accessory in every house. Floor lamps are a great way to combine aesthetics with convenience, and efficiency. With numerous options to choose from, buying a floor lamp that compliments your décor style can be a tiring task.

This curated list of floor lamps for various decor styles and functions will help you in choosing the best floor lamp based on your preference.


An overall performer for most people constitutes a versatile design with a classic touch. This type of lamp can accentuate any interior theme.

A ‘club-style’ lamp has a simplistic built with a single-bulb fixture. It comes with a classic shade, a basic pole stand and usually a round base. The biggest advantage of a shaded lamp is that although it sends bright light into the room it still emits a soft glow through the shade. This makes the light easier on the eyes.

LED floor lamps with a cylindrical shade are prevalent these days. ‘Adesso Benson Tripod’ floor lamp offers long metal legs. This type of tripod-design helps in making a space appear taller. The height of these lamps eliminates the need for overhead lighting.


Say you’ve already spent a lot on your interior designing, and you need a floor lamp to compliment your interior without it being hard on your pocket. For this purpose, a basic yet effective ‘torchiere lamp’ will do the job. These lamps project the light upwards, and they usually come with a metallic shade or in glass/plastic options.

Thinking of lighting up your guest room or a dorm room?  a torchiere lamp is the only thing you need. These lamps are cost-effective, and due to their metal build, these will also last you a good number of years.


Your reading room is a place where you need a certain ambiance to study and do important work. Proper lighting is an essential component in creating this type of ambiance.

An ‘Alcott Hill’ utility task lamp that sits right at your shoulder level will project light directly at your book. This lamp comes with a hard shade that prevents scattering of light in the surrounding areas. For areas that demand regular work, invest in lamps that you can adjust according to your preferences. A minimalist shape and fine finish will make the lamp suitable for casual areas too.


For a living room, a floor not only serves as a source of light but while watching movies the overhead lighting might seem harsh. A floor lamp that gives a warm light is handy. An attractive floor lamp also serves as a decorative component for the living room. Try to buy a lamp with a unique shade design that compliments your couch, or to brighten up a dull area of the room.


If you buy small floor lamps to go with your high ceilings, they will end up looking like a dwarf in custody. For high ceilings, ‘overarching linen shade lamp’ is the best option. Generally, in the living area furniture is low to the ground level. Therefore, an overarching lamp helps in making the room more proportional. These lamps can diffuse light all over the room and their single-arm design leaves plenty of space for other accessories.


If you’re planning on keeping a floor lamp as the primary source of lighting, you should invest in a lamp that can produce a large amount of lighting. For this purpose, a ‘tower-style’ floor lamp is the best option, especially for bigger rooms. This type of design can accommodate more than one light inside a shade that enhances the diffusion of light.

Tower lamps look stunning against a couch, or at the corner of a room. “IKEA’s Holmo lamp’’ and ‘Kelly Wearstler Precision’ are great options in this category.


Running out of space?

Floor lamps with tables and storage compartments are here for your rescue. With this type of floor lamp, you get two pieces of furniture- a side table, and a lamp. ‘Brightech Maxwell’ floor lamp combines amazing LED floor lamps with a productive shelving unit. You can use these shelves for your books or a decorative piece of pottery. ‘Sherborne Floor Lamp’ offers a classy finish for a more modern theme.


Floor lamps are a great way to accessorize your home interior. These lamps not only light up your room but also serve as storage units. They take up less space and can enhance the appearance of your décor theme. This list of best floor lamps will help you in choosing the best lamp according to your needs.