7 Frugal Ideas For An Affordable Wedding Catering


Are you getting hitched soon? Have you booked your wedding venue yet? What next? The very first thought that crosses a couples mind upon after booking of the wedding venue is deciding the food menu. If you’re an Indian or getting married in India or to an Indian then you must be well versed about the role food plays in an Indian wedding. A big fat Indian wedding is considered incomplete without good food and fine wine. The lavishness and grandeur of an Indian wedding is judged by the splendor of the décor and off course the delectable array of food spread served at the venue.

A guest might forget the lavishness of your wedding but the taste of the scrumptious cuisines that they had tasted at your wedding continues to linger on their taste buds forever. India owning to the availability of plethora of delectable cuisines is considered as a foodie’s paradise. Indians are known for their foodie nature and the wide array of food cuisines available aptly justifies the foodie nature. No matter in which part of the country you’re planning to tie the knot without good food your wedding is deemed incomplete. It’s a well known fact that the wedding catering consumes a major portion of the wedding budget. If you’re tight on a budget then you must be planning to book the top wedding caterers in Kolkata, Ludhiana or wherever you’re tying the knot.

Are you looking for ways to cut on your catering budget? Indian weddings are an expensive affair and if you are seeking for ways to plan your wedding catering in a budget then you have come to the right place. Here are few budget friendly ways in which you plan your wedding catering in a budget.

Moderate Your Bar

Having a full stocked bar at a wedding proves to be a necessity but when tight on a budget it is better to avoid this step. If the expensive cocktails and mocktails are not that high on your priority then you can consider cutting costs here. Instead of stocking the bar that with every imaginable liquor you can skip the on the hard stuff and consider serving only beer ,wine and champagne. If you have got your heart set on having cocktails at your wedding then you can add a signature drink or one or two versatile drinks to your beverage menu.

Serve Only Two Or Three Course Meals

After sampling of the hors d’ oeuvres and the drinks the guests are left with a stuffed feeling. So if your having a wide range of appetizers than you can consider cutting the cost in the main course by sevr a three course meal instead of five course at your wedding. The three course meal would comprise of soup or salad, main dishes and finished off with sweet delights. At restaurant people don’t order a variety of dishes rather they prefer sampling on small amount of dishes. So if your wedding caterer advises you to add expensive additional food items to your wedding menu do not hesitate in vetoing them.

Go Easy On Appetizers

It is common for caterers to suggest inclusion of additional items in the wedding menu.You need not listen to every advice of the caterer and cut out costing by minimizing the amount of the appetizers served. You defiantly would not want your main course to get sidelined by serving variety of appetizers at the wedding. Consider serving bite site appetizers for the cocktail hour soiree as a cost effective of saving on a few extra bucks on the wedding catering.

Supplement With Stations

Feed a crowd by supplementing your wedding with food stations.  Anything right from a sushi bar to a chat corner works the best and also impresses the guests.

Simplify The Entrees And Limit The Choices

Ditch away the expensive labor intensive dishes that consume lot of time and effort and replace them with simple hassle free dishes. The simple dishes not only look appealing but also reduce the cost to just half of the wedding budget.

Choose Local Or In Season Ingredients

For a winter wedding you might want to serve a strawberry cake but during off season it would a costly affair. So if you’re having a budget wedding it is advisable to opt for local and in season ingredients instead of off season ones.

Stick To The Basics

Modern Indian wedding are about including international cuisines in the wedding menu. To save on few extra bucks forgo the inclusion of expensive dishes in appetizers and rather stick to the basics. Instead of the luxurious dishes add simple basic dishes like Chat, Dal, Mixed Veg, Dum Aloo, Naan, Paneer, Salad, Gulab Jamun to your wedding menu.

If you’re tight on a budget then you must be planning to book the top wedding caterers in Kolkata, Ludhiana or wherever you’re tying the knot. So these are a few ways in which you can cut out your wedding catering cost. Liked the post? Share with us in the comments below about your views on the post.