7 Types of Face Shapes: Which Necklace Would Suit You Best?


Choosing a necklace is as easy as understanding your face shape. Identifying your face shape is easy, too. All you have to do is pull your hair away from your face and while looking in the mirror, trace the shape of your face with an erasable marker.Another way to determine face shape can be by using a measuring tape. By measuring the length of your jawline, cheekbones, forehead and face you can match one of the different jaw shapes mentioned below. This will help you pick the perfect necklace complementing your face. Check your face shape every few years, as it can change as you age.

You will end up with one of seven options:


This face shape has wide angles at the cheeks and narrows at the jaw and the forehead. It’s similar to an oval face but has a slightly more dramatic look. Since people with diamond-shaped faces look best with tops that have scoop necks or turtlenecks, they look best in necklaces that flatter those necklines, like chokers and strings of pearls.


Heart-shaped faces have narrow chins, so v-neck tops and sweetheart necklines accentuate the point of the chin. Chokers and princess-length necklaces are ideal and triple-strand necklaces look fantastic on this face shape. Necklaces with large pendants with curving shapes also help soften the chin because the fullness provides balance.


This is the most common face shape, and like the diamond shape, people with oval faces look great in nearly neckline and necklace. It is best to choose jewelry that complements the neckline of the top. Chokers look lovely with many necklines and beautiful chokers for sale can be purchased online.


This shape is also known as a triangle shape because the bottom of the face is wider than the top. People who have this shape of the face look lovely with v-necks and collared shirts because they soften the heaviness at the jawline. The best necklace options are those with curves or v shapes as they provide length. When necklaces have pendants, they should have curves that counter the angles on the face.


The rectangular or oblong face is long, but not necessarily wide. Because rectangular faces are long, they need necklines and necklaces that shorten them. Bateau necklines and off-the-shoulder styles are flattering, so are necklaces like chokers and collar necklaces. These shorter necklaces make the face look less long. Rectangular faces also look lovely with necklaces with large beads.


The soft, round face looks good with necklines and necklaces that add length. Therefore, the best necklines are v-necks and other more open styles. The best necklaces are also those with length, like long necklaces, Y-necklaces, and those with large pendants. These look fantastic with long earrings, too.


The square face is similar to the round face, but has slightly more angles to it, especially at the jawline. Rounded necklines like cowls, v-necks, and scoop necks look beautiful on square faces. Pearl necklaces in most lengths (except choker) soften and lengthen the face. Necklaces with U shapes also look beautiful on square faces. It is best to avoid wearing any necklaces that are short or overly wide, as they do not flatter the face