Alive Forever – A Melodious Yoga Song For Peacefulness By Wai Lana

Wailana - true self is eternal and alive forever

Following a year of accomplishing a huge positive reaction on the music video Namaste, here is another charming and intentional musical short film titled ‘Alive Forever’ by Wai Lana. This musical short film titled “Alive Forever” contains essential knowledge surrounding yoga for the benefit of all. The foremost aim for the creation of this music video is to enlighten the overall population and build the basic foundation of Yoga, called the Aham Brahmasmi. This expression that takes its roots from the Sanskrit dialect, which means “I am existing for eternity”. In philosophical terms, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ suggests that we are everlasting profound beings. It also proposes that we aren’t the physical body and we are eternal spiritual beings essentially.

When we watch this video, our brains and hearts are solaced with the inspiring lyrics. We find easy to acknowledge the fact concerning with our everlasting existence as spiritual beings. From the line, “Nothing can make me young again, More wrinkles lining my face.. Hair turning grey … But the soul remains un-changed – Aham Brahmasmi ” We won’t generally feel sad about the aging factors since we are now aware of the fact that when the body passes away, our spirit remains youthful forever.

For over two decades, the show called ‘Wai Lana Yoga’ hosted by Wai Lana is running successfully in the United States and all over the globe. Every single show of hers introduces lovely soundtracks, which are recorded by Wai Lana herself. Apart from being a yoga instructor, Wai Lana is a friendly mother and a grandma. She additionally composes melodies, publishes books, writes lifestyle articles and she is energetically devoted to assisting individuals who are searching for internal peace and steadiness. She has made various yoga products for learners of each level, has distributed several books, and has worked effectively in devising yoga items for kids. Also, she has recorded a music collection and it is exceptionally cherished by yoga aficionados all over the globe.
Wailana - true self is eternal and alive forever
Wai Lana’s ability to deliver such a captivating music just touches our hearts. Her tunes are not just exceedingly enthralling for the people, they are always brimming with insights and are filled with inspiration for people to get involved with yoga. In her music, she highlights the teachings of yoga called Aham Brahmasmi. This video is a capable yet straightforward way through which one can profoundly achieve mental tranquility. In the light of bringing immense worldwide popularity to yoga, Wai Lana has been awarded the glorious Padma Shri award. This honorable award happens to be the well acclaimed and exceedingly famous, presented to people who make extraordinary contribution.

Author Bio :

“Alive Forever” is a song written and performed in this beautiful short film by internationally-renowned yoga teacher & icon Wai Lana. Set in scenes from big city parks to ocean beaches and cherry tree orchards, people of all ages from all walks of life grapple with the sadness and fear of growing old.