Benefits of Turkey E-Visa For Tourists


The Republic of Turkey is an independent state in the middle east and located in southwestern Asia minor. The country is surrounded by the three sides of the Mediterranean, Aegean, and the Black Sea. This beautiful destination is the attraction of most tourists and almost more than 40 million tourists visit in a year. If you are planning to visit Turkey, then you have to meet the requirements first before visiting. However, there are lots of benefits of e visa turkey so keep on reading.

What Is a Turkey e-Visa for and What Does It Do?

In the year 2013, Turkey introduced a Turkish e visa for the first time. It’s a single or multiple entry visa system that allows the visitor to stay for 30 to 90 days in Turkey, but depending on the nationality of that person. Most of the people use it for transit from turkey. The turkey e visa is intended for those American citizens who wished to visit turkey for business or tourism reasons.

The citizen of the United States is permitted to visit Turkey for a maximum of 90 days, but only for those who have Turkish visas online. The issued e visa valid is valid up to 180 days after that you have to go back to your country. Travelers should have to apply for a Turkish e visa before the trip begins. However, it is suggested to fill & submit the visa application 48 hours before departure.

Advantages of the Turkey e-Visa:

The best benefit of a visa for Turkey is that you can get it quicker as compared to the visa. It is considered the most efficient way to get permission to travel to Turkey instead of the sticker visa system. The major benefit of a turkey e visa is that you can conveniently online and save your precious time, which would be spent on the visa applications at the Turkish embassy.

Information Required for a Turkey e-Visa Application:

To apply for the e visa turkey, the applicant needs to fill out the online eVisa application form. Here you are required to provide the personal details and passport details along with traveling reasons. Visitors must print a copy of the e-visa to show it to the border officials. The information and documents that are necessary for the e visa include:

  • Your active email address to receive the approved visa for turkey.
  • Credit or debit card through which you can pay the visa expense.
  • Passport validity to stay in turkey.


The turkey e visa (electronic visa) is considered as the most innovative services, which are implemented in the area of the freedom movement.  The Turkish e visa allows the applicant to process to take place in a virtual environment, which is entirely different from the physical visa application submission. Every traveler needs to get an e-visa who wants to visit Turkey for business or personal reasons. In the past, visa processing was a bit difficult and time-consuming also. This is why the Turkish Government launched this service for their visitors.

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