Best Fantasy Sports Website in India:


Cricket is not only a sport it is a religion in India. However most of the Indians are considered as a cricket devotee, but there are some who are expert in cricket too. Fantasy cricket is the best place to show your cricket expertise. If you haven’t heard about fantasy Cricket before, let me tell you, it is an online game that where user to create fantasy teams of cricketers playing a cricket tournament. And in the actual matches if your chosen players perform well then you will earn points. The point system is totally depended on real-time player’s performance in the actual match.

11wickets the newest fantasy sports website in India. There are too many sites who deal with fantasy sports in India. But 11Wickets is different from all of them. I think the most transparent website there. Here At 11Wickets, after start the match I can see over my opponent’s team also. Most of the online fantasy sports websites deadline time for make an entry to any available matches will be before one hour, but at 11Wickets you can make an entry just before the real match start, yes it’s true.

CRICKET WEBSITE developed and controlled by a Kolkata-based game development company called Ability Games Pvt Ltd., it allows users to participate in not only Cricket matches but also in fantasy football games. The 14th Asia Cup will commence from today. The opening game will be Bangladesh vs. Sri Lanka. It is the time to create your fantasy cricket team at 11wickets and start earn points. 11Wickets is the place where you can show off your knowledge of cricket. Best part of fantasy cricket is, just by using your knowledge you can earn money at