Bombay Greens: Edible Flowers Grow Kit Review

Bombay Greens

Adding flowers to your home decoration is a great way to freshen up the room and there are lots of benefits to adding beautiful flowers to your home. Today, I’m going to review the edible flowers grow kit of Bombay Greens. This Bombay Greens edible flowers grow kit contains everything that you need to grow your own beautiful flowers. In this kit, you will get the 3 variety of seeds, 4 coco peat discs, organic fertilizer, and 3 small plastic pots.

About Bombay Greens

Bombay Greens is a gardening company which is started during Covid-19 to help people grow their own vegetables at home. Bombay Greens make gardening easy with DIY gardening kits. You can grow various types of vegetables, flowers, and plants in your home with less effort.

The Bombay Greens top selling product is 3 in 1 grow kits that come under 325rs prices. Apart from that you can purchase seeds, Fertilizers, Soil, pots, tools, and gifts at an affordable budget.

Edible Flowers Grow Kit

Edible Flowers Grow

This edible flower grow kit comes at 325rs price and you will get 3 varieties of seed, 4 coco peat discs, organic fertilizer, 1 guide paper, and 3 small plastic pots. You can easily grow your own plant with some easy steps. You can get everything that you need to grow your own beautiful flowers (Sunflower, Zinnia, Butterfly Pea).

In a Box:

  • 3 Types of seeds – Sunflower, Zinnia, Butterfly Pea (Contains 5-6 seeds in each packet)
  • 3 Grow pots (3 inches)
  • 4 Coco peat pellets
  • 1 Organic fertilizer
  • 3 Plant markers sticks
  • 1 Grow Guide

Steps to grow these plants:

  • Pour water on Coco discs and let it expand. Mix Plant food with expanded cocopeat.
  • Fill the pots with the mix.
  • Sprinkle seeds, spray water, and keep them in sunlight.

Pro of Edible Flowers Grow Kit

  • Contains everything you need to grow 3 flowers.
  • Budget-friendly kit.
  • The quality of pots and coco peat is great.
  • You have multiple options for grow kit.

Cons of Edible Flowers Grow Kit

  • Pots size is small
  • You have to place an order above Rs 598 for free delivery

If you are a big lover of gardening and learning a little about plants and nature then Bombay Greens best option for you.