Aware of the Basics? Everything You Need to Know About Asbestos Air Monitoring

air monitoring

Asbestos air monitoring is the precautionary process that involves testing for breathable asbestos fibers in the air to help in evaluating exposure and check the efficiency of control processes. This type of monitoring is carried out where asbestos-containing products are in bad condition and may emit asbestos fibers into the surrounding air, or places that […]

Sticking to a Budget: 4 Ways to Avoid Financial Burnout When Remodelling Your Bathroom


According to remodelling magazine, the average bathroom remodel costs around $18,546. This is for a remodel that includes replacing bathroom fixtures, flooring and lighting. But it isn’t necessarily the cost of the bathroom remodel that leads to financial burnout. It is the unexpected costs incurred when the project runs over budget, hits unforeseen problems, or […]