Choosing the Right School For Your Child


One of the biggest decisions parents face is where to send their children for school. Kids spend over a thousand hours in school each year, so it’s important to know as much about the facility as possible. Particularly in a large city with many choices, it can seem like an overwhelming decision. However, these steps will walk you through the process so that you make the best possible decision.

1. List the Top Choices in Your Area

The first step is to talk to neighbors, friends and family to get recommendations. You also can research the top academic schools in your area. Once you have this information, use it to compile a short list, no more than three or four, of your top choices.

2. Visit the Schools

Surprisingly few people actually tour their child’s school prior to enrollment. However, this is one of the best ways to get a feel for the environment and staff. It’s a good idea to schedule a tour during school hours so you can see the way the staff interacts with students. Make sure to bring a list of questions for school administrators.

3. Consider Your Child’s Personality

You know your child best, so you are the most qualified person to determine the type of environment in which he or she will thrive. Consider class sizes and different learning styles. For example, the Sammamish private schools offer Montessori style learning with multiple ages together in one classroom.

4. Make Your Decision

Now that the research is completed, it’s time to make a decision and enroll your child for school. It’s important to remember that new schools take time for adjustment. The best way to set your child up for success is to talk to teachers, check progress and stay involved.

Choosing the best school for your child requires research and time. It’s essential that you talk to school officials and tour the buildings to make a good decision. It will give you peace of mind that you have chosen the perfect school for your child’s future.