Cleaning Stainless Steel Straws Made Easy At Home

Cleaning Stainless Steel Straws Made Easy At Home

Considering the environmental effect brought upon by excessive use of machinery, chemicals, and plastics, it has become a need of an hour that we start using eco-friendlier products.

It’s a known fact that plastic cannot be recycled or composted like other products, naturally. It needs to be broken down into smaller parts and which releases chemicals in soil, plants, and the environment.

Plastic straws are not safe for the environment, it contains polypropylene and bisphenol, chemicals that are dangerous for humans as well as animals. Since it does not get decomposed easily, plastic straws can even affect animals living under the ocean. This is where choosing to use stainless steel straw can be a smart choice.

What are biodegradable and environment-friendly straws?

Every material easily breaks down when it is consumed and thrown away. This material decomposes with the help of bacteria without releasing any toxins or harmful chemicals. Biodegradable straws are made of various organic products such as paper, bamboo, steel, even pasta. These easily decompose without leaving any toxins.

Let us discuss the benefits of using stainless steel straw and how you can easily clean them.

Various benefits of choosing stainless steel straws

Stainless steel straws are very beneficial to use.

-they can be reused

– they are easy to clean

-they are safe for use

– they are BPA free

– appropriate for children to use

-free from contaminants

– does not break

Washing stainless steel straws by hand

  • start the process by properly soaking the straw with hot water. You can make use of a mug, a small bowl, or a tub, filled with water and liquid soap. Buy detergent that is mild and free from chemicals. You can even opt for solution used for washing baby’s utensils.
  • Next, take a straw cleaner and apply some detergent to it. Push the straw cleaner brush back and forth, until it becomes sudsy. By doing this process you will be able to remove any debris stuck inside.

In case you have been using a straw for pulpy drinks then it will require more extensive cleaning.

  • After scrubbing the straw properly from inside and outside, rinse it with hot water and let it dry naturally.

Cleaning straw with the help of dishwasher at home

  • Soak a little soap in hot water in a small tub or a sink. Start by rising your straw with this solution
  • Take a straw cleaner brush and apply some soap on it, until it becomes sudsy. Push this brush back and forth, to clean out any debris or leftover residual. In the case of pulpy drinks, you would require to apply more force and repetition of brush cleaning to properly clean it out. In case you have been using this straw for non-pulpy drinks, less brushing will be required.
  • After properly scrubbing the straw, put these in the dish rack of your dishwasher, and run the usual programming of it. On completion of the cycle, take it out and let it dry naturally.

How to store your cleaned straws?

In case of home use purpose, you can keep them vertically in the cups or keep them in drawers along with reusable kitchen products. While traveling makes use of cotton pouches to keep it hygienic and easier to carry around.

In conclusion with

With so many products made with plastic, adopting eco-friendly toothbrushes, straws, cups and many more can help in making this planet a safer and better place to live.

Plastic straws contain chemicals that are made from petroleum, which can affect the estrogenic level and releases various chemicals when exposed to high heat or acidic beverages.

Maintaining stainless steel straw is easy and can be adopted for daily consumption.