Common Issues With Aging


If you or a loved one are getting older and experiencing physical or mental health issues, then you might feel a little overwhelmed with some of the challenges that come along with the aging process. There are options for help and support along the way such as adult foster care Massachusetts, advanced home care or facility placement. Whichever you choose to support you through the process, know that you are not alone. Many people experience similar issues with aging.

Memory and Mental Health Issues

It is not uncommon for memory to decline with age and for disorders such as Alzheimer’s to occur. Depression can also develop as a result of the feelings and frustrations that come along with mental and physical function decline. It is wise to see a doctor and keep them informed of any changes so that the proper medications and referrals can be made.

Imbalance and Vertigo

As people age, balance can become a challenge. Dizziness can increase and women, in particular, are at higher risk for vertigo, which can also contribute to falls. A fall for the elderly can result in further injuries than might be experiences with someone who is younger.

Physical Conditions

Health challenges, including stroke, arthritis, respiratory issues and cancer increase in occurrence and risk for the elderly. As people age, their immune systems weaken and create increased risk for physical health challenges. Skin becomes more thin, which can result in bed sores if they do not move. Even small cuts can take extra time to heal due to thin skin, and one might be much more prone to bruising.

Aging is a natural process, but it can be marked with greater mental and physical challenges that must be addressed. Proper care delivered by a loved one with the support of additional resources or agencies is one of the best supports for a loved one as they age.