Common Items in Skip Bins During a Home Renovation


We all like to carry out home improvements from time to time, as this brings us more comfort, while also adding value to the property. Whether a bathroom, kitchen, or living room renovation, there will be a lot of waste generated.

It would include the following:

  • Brickwork, Tiles and Stone – All building materials can be put into a skip, and when talking to the provider, make sure you tell them the type of waste, and they will instruct you accordingly. Roofing tiles can also be put in a skip, in fact, any building material will be recycled by the waste management company. If you are planning a living room renovation, there is an interesting article on how to build a fireplace.
  • Doors & Window Frames – Softwood frames can easily be broken up and then put into a skip, and with local skip bin hire Central Coast companies are offering, the waste will soon be removed. Broken glass would have to be packaged correctly, which is something to discuss with the skip hire company.
  • Old Furniture – Renovating usually means getting rid of old furniture, and usually, the skip hire company would ask you to dismantle as much as you can, to save on space. This would include broken down appliances and devices, while computer hardware is classed as hazardous waste, and the skip provider should be informed. If your old furniture is still usable, rather than throwing it away, you could give to a charity, or find someone who could make good use of it.



  • Plasterboard – Removing a partition wall would likely result in some plasterboard to be removed, and this can be recycled by the waste management company. Whatever building materials you need removed, your local skip hire company will be happy to oblige. If you suspect you have asbestos at home, you should call in a specialist company, as asbestos removal can be harmful to your health, and the local skip provider would be equipped to handle any kind of hazardous waste.
  • OId Kitchen Appliances – If you are revamping your kitchen and that old stove is to be replaced, you will be happy to learn that the skip provider will accept old domestic appliances. They are usually disassembled and recycled where possible, in fact, most waste management companies recycle up to 90% of all the waste they collect, which is very impressive.
  • Garden Waste – If you are planning a garden renovation, the skip hire company can recycle green waste, which includes tree branches, topsoil, pots and even old shrubs. If you are going to replace your patio, for example, you can put the old paving slabs into a skip, but make sure you inform the skip company of the contents.

There are many reasons why you might need to hire a skip, and with an online search, you can easily locate a local waste management company who will remove your waste and recycle it, so that it can be reused.