Creative Use of Decorative Laminates


Decorative laminate sheets are relatively new in the market and one of the ongoing trends for decorating surface materials. Whether you’re looking for a hint of nature, an expression, or a love for music, digital laminates allow you as a homeowner or a business owner to get your favorite photos digitally printed on the surface. This is an excellent way to express your style at home or manifest your creative genius.

Custom laminates bring endless possibilities and you can find them in a range of designs, textures, colors, and shades that you can use in your living area, dining hall, bedroom, and even kitchen and style them according to your needs. Decorative laminates are widely preferred and will leave you spoilt for choice. Here are a couple of ideas you can try at home with decorative laminates.

Create a textured wall

Instead of using wallpaper designs or other expensive materials, try using laminates to create lifelike textures on your wall. Decorative laminates like wood can vary in grain and colors providing a rustic wall feature with medium-toned wood or a chic interior with whitewashed wood laminate. This allows you to jazz up your living and dining area as well as your bedroom with beautiful laminates that add a splash of color, warmth, and character to your home. Not only are decorative laminates affordable, but they are also light and easy to install and some of them come with moisture, mold, and scratch-resistant properties as well.

Mix and match

Try to spice up your solid-colored laminates by adding a range of colors, geometric shapes, and mix and match them as you please to create your unique style. Being a creative person lets your imagination run wild when you buy laminates online and go for lines, shapes, and patterns on wall surfaces to liven up your space. Laminates are smooth and even have a much bolder finishing as compared to paint. Plus, they are also water- and scratch-resistant so you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

Refresh old furniture

Laminates will allow you to do a minor makeover and change out any old and shabby furniture that has gone through wear and tear. If the core piece is still good to use, you can always remodel it using laminates. Right from kitchen cabinets, drawers, countertops, shelves, and island tables, remodelling is a great way to amp up your furniture without spending too much money. If you’ve always wanted a modern home, a rustic house, or even a Scandinavian themed home, this is your opportunity to go wild and refurbish your furniture with inspired laminates.

In Conclusion

Laminates can open up a whole new world of possibilities and can be an affordable alternative to revamping your home interiors. It can allow you to be creative and refresh old looking furniture which you can use later as an investment or even increase your house resale value. Laminates are water-resistant, scratch-proof, and can be cleaned easily which makes it better to use as compared to paint, it is durable, strong, and long-lasting and can be designed or styled in a number of ways. Laminates are becoming increasingly popular and preferred by customers and business owners all over. These creative and budget-friendly tips will give you an idea of how to beautify your home without any unnecessary hassle. Before deciding on any laminate, always take your time to do some research so that you go in for superior quality and also discover the different sizes, colors, and textures.