Dark Spots – What are causing them and how can you get clear of it?

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Dark spots or pigmentation happens in your skin when a specific part of your skin starts creating melanin more than usual. Melanin is responsible for the colour of eyes, skin, and hair.

Dark spots or hyperpigmentation requires remedies for which you need to know what is causing such skin complaints.

What are dark spots?

These are brown coloured spots whose tone varies upon the individual skin tone. This skin condition does not cause any pain and also varies in size. Usually, these spots can occur anywhere, however, most commonly they occur on the face.

They occur commonly on;





Usually, these spots diminish away slowly and gradually. Deeper spots can take years even to disappear.

What leads to dark spots?

Dark spots occur due to various reasons, let us explore these different reasons.

  • Excessive exposure to sun rays

Dark spots are also called sunspots as they can happen after being under the sun for long. The fragment of your body that gets in contact with daily sun rays and heat can cause dark spots.

  • You might be facing hormonal imbalances

There is another ailment that leads to skin discolouration and patches known as Melasma that mostly occurs in women during pregnancy. This condition occurs due to hormonal imbalances that happen at the time of pregnancy.

  • Due to medicines’ after-effects

Intake of certain medications can cause dark spots and pigmentation. In case you have consumed anti-inflammatory drugs, non-steroidal, tetracycline, or psychotropic drugs, then it might be causing you pigmentation and dark spots

  • Inflammation

The occurrence of dark spots can also give inflammation of the skin, this happens due to eczema, psoriasis, skin injuries, and acne.

  • Healing of wounds

Dark spots occur in case there is an insect bite, burns, or cut heal. Such spots diminish away slowly.

  • Irritation

The use of strong cosmetic products or hair products can cause skin irritation which can result in patches or spots.

  • Diabetes

If you are suffering from diabetes, your skin can become patchy and full of spots. Diabetes gives rise to a condition called acanthosis nigricans that can lead to the darkening of skin along with patches and spots. These spots are also called diabetic dermopathy, which people often complicate with age spots.

How to get cleared of dark spots?

Most of the dark spots go away with time and do not need any kind of treatment, however in case you are noticing that the patches and spots are not fading away with time then you can go for any of the available remedies.

The treatment is decided based on size, area, and what has caused the spots.

  • Laser

There laser treatment market is diverse. The standard approach remains to treat dark spots by using tools that create intense pulse light laser. This treatment is recommended in case you want to get rid of it for cosmetic reasons.

  • Chemical peeling

This procedure requires putting a layer of solution on your skin. The application exfoliates the area and allows it to restore itself. This procedure helps in eventually fading the spots away.

  • Make use of anti-oxidants that promote skin lightening and diminishes dark spots

There are various products such as face serums, moisturizers, or facewash that consist of antioxidants such as serial glutathione which promotes healthy and hydrated skin by reducing dark spots and patches.

Look for products that contain the best glutathione solution along with other anti-oxidants to diminish dark spots and fine lines.

However, these products take time in reducing spots and require to be taken regularly or as prescribed.

In conclusion with

Prevention is always better than cure, this is where taking certain steps on daily basis can reduce the chances of occurring this condition.

-make use of sunscreen every day, with at least 30 SPF or more

-treat skin conditions such as acne before they spread

-avoid exposure to the sun

-include healthy and nutrient-rich food in your diet

The positive result of the treatment depends upon the extent and reason for dark spots. Nevertheless, no matter what kind of treatment you take, it takes time to see results.