Defining characteristics of Luxury Travel Today

Travel girl alone with lifestyle


Affluent travelers are more cautious about where they spend their money to avoid misuse and wastage of resources and time to do something which is not worth at all. Travel companies’ needs to re-visit the rules of offering travel experiences to ensure they offer the best to their clients and maintain them due to their good services thus getting more reviews in the social media platforms. The following five characteristics help to explain the most successful travel products available today.

Experiential travel

Most clients wish to unplug from their daily routine and experience new thing in life on their way to discovery and self-fulfillment. Experiential travelers wish to dig deeper into local, authentic, cultures, uniting with people from various cultures thus enriching their lives and developing a memorable experience. One distinguishing factor of this type of travel is its emphasis on learning, personal enrichment, active participation, and authenticity.

Exclusive and personalized experience

In this case exclusive means; extraordinary, unique and personalized. There has been a tendency of shifting among the travelers to discover and seek authentic experiences instead of buying and having ownership of a luxury object. Customers increase to signal their social level by getting exclusive and memorable experiences instead of material items.

Social media and internet influence

When considering travel choices people usually go for something extra and the amazing factors instead of ordinary and boring. The pictures shared in social media have an effect of influencing the preceding travels of their family members and also to friends. Therefore clients have emerged as a marketing tool of travel agencies through the sharing of pictures and experience in the social media. A successful company is the one that offers authentic, very inspiring and experiences beyond ordinary. Since Exotic voyages are a successful company it gives the best experience ever.

The growth of multi-generational family travel

Recently families are ever busy and dispersed geographically. Chances of being together are limited by distance and time. Sharing of vacation experience is one way of reuniting family members an helps to form strong bonds. Multigenerational travel has been classified as one of the major travel trends by most luxury travel network.

Importance of sustainability and wellness

Some of the adults have a greater influence (as trendsetter) since they are motivated to purchase products and services which are environmentally conscious, socially responsible, sustainable and healthy for individuals and the world. It is very crucial for owners of hotels and their operator to demonstrate to customers how they are reducing ecological impacts and contributing to a sustainable travel company. Successful Travel Company such as Exotic voyages attracts more people since their services are amazing and experiences created are memorable.


The above information helps individuals that customers have different tastes towards luxury travel. Before selecting a travel agency it is necessary to have knowledge of the above characteristics to help one come up with a good agency who can offer memorable experiences. Therefore it is advisable to research more on a travel company before diving into it.