Do You Hear the Sound of Corporate Events?

Corporate activity in Dubai

We spend most hours of our day with the people we work with. Meeting them daily can become repetitive and boring too. When you work every day you need a little change of environment which has proved to benefit in increasing the efficiency of work.

There are various activities which can be arranged to boost employs’ productivity like a typical Dinner but with a twist. Apart from the usual ceremonial dinner and drinks, you can engage them in activities as well. Like arrange for a barbeque at each table and each team at the table are responsible for their cooking, you can even turn this into a little contest, this can help in healthy interactions and teamwork.

Tournaments – You can make your employs engage in activities like badminton, ping pong, basketball or volleyball, etc. It can become more fun when you mix people, these help members to gel up with people apart from their team.


Let your talents get recognized and even if you don’t have one you can make an evening out of it. Sing together, cut yourself loose and share a laugh. Seems unusual but such activities can help you bond and promote becoming friends with your colleagues.

Sports event

Arrange for an event where employs can have their own sports tournaments like hosting a cricket match. They can play together against another team, eat snacks and chat. This kind of activities brings energy which helps members to support each other and win

Spend time outside

Sometimes the workplace can become boring and interacting with members can become gruesome under pressure. You may spend your day out or by exploring new places like going for a movie. You never know whom you end up sharing a common interest with.

Family-oriented events

Companies can organize events where they can join along with their family and engage in activities. This helps in merging family with the office. A picnic is the best example of such activity. Here they engage with each other’s family which makes them bond. Sometimes these kinds of interactions can develop into connections which you can follow even outside the office.

A city with innovations and creative Ideas Dubai has introduced various ways to improve the efficiency of their workforce. They provide a rewarding and memorable experience that involves both indoor and outdoor corporate team building activities.

Paddles up – one of the most thrilling water sports activities, it involves a competitive race of dragon boating which takes 3 to 4 hours and is suitable for all ages. It takes place at 4 locations: Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai water canal. Here members work together to reach the finish line.

Camel chukkas

A royal activity which involves camel polo tournament at the Arabian ranches polo club, in this each camel comes with a hands-on trainer who safely steers the camel while you can enjoy chukkas. It’s a half-day activity, where every member is involved to make them work collectively.

Out of the box

An interesting activity which involves members to come together and work as a team. It’s an escape quest where a series of secret rooms are where a team of 5 people with the help of clues, solve puzzles and escape the room.

Desert masterpiece

It’s a sand sculpting activity which brings out the inner creativity of members. There is a challenge where after selecting tools and utensils they have to build a sculpture within 2 hours to win.

Lord of the jungle

Experience living in a jungle at Aventura Adventure Park with plenty of activities to engage in like tight rope walk, ladder climbs, log crossing and high wire zip line, you can take challenges as well as an ultimate quest, Mission impossible challenge. There are various packages you can choose for your employees. These activities boost communication among member which in turn helps in enhancing their self-confidence and decision making.

Amazing race

Participate in your own Dubai dash which combines treasure hunting with amazing race. In this challenge, teams are supposed to navigate their way all through town collecting clues and completing the task to reach the finish line. Mostly these challenges include finding clues through objects and people. These challenges boost communication among members

The benefit of such events

Corporate events help employees to bond with each other outside the work environment, which helps in relieving their stress level. They get recharged and relaxed by having fun together. These kinds of activities work as a positive reinforcement that helps employees getting comfortable with each other which in return boost productivity and success rate of the member as well as of the company.