Easy Ways to Make Your Backyard Kid-Friendly

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The backyard is a kid’s favourite place to play all day long. But to make sure that your kids don’t hurt themselves in the backyard, it is very important to create a kid-friendly backyard. If you are finding the right ways to make your backyard kid-friendly, then read on.

Your kids’ safety and comfort matter the most in every part of the house including the backyard. Therefore, it is important that you put in some effort to make your backyard design kid-friendly. Also, make sure that you check must have baby items that you can add in your backyard and make it more fun to play in. So, delve into the article to know how to create a perfect kid-friendly backyard.

Tips to Make Your Backyard Kid-friendly

Create a Comfortable Kids’ Room

By creating a ‘room’ we never mean you build a room out of bricks. You can easily create a room in your backyard out of many other creative things. For example, you can use as a room- shrubs, umbrella, canopy, old tent, DIY playhouse and so on. Your kids can stuff all their toys in that private room of their own and trust us, they will love it!

Create a Borderline

It’s very important to determine a borderline in your backyard when kids are playing around. Tell them that they are not allowed to cross the borderline and if they do, then decide a punishment for that (we don’t want you to be harsh on them though). Making a borderline will help you rest assured about your kids’ safety.

Arrange Water Games

Kids love to play with water and when you add water-related games in your backyard, your kids will love the backyard even more! Some amazing water play ideas for backyard include water table, backyard oasis, water fountain and a pool. But make sure that when your kids play in the pool, you are around to look after their safety.

Install a Blackboard in the Backyard

Almost everyone knows how much kids love scribbling with chalks, so, it is always a wise idea to install a blackboard in your backyard. Your kids can draw and write whatever and whenever they want to in that particular blackboard. This will not only help your kid get entertained while playing in the backyard but will also save your walls from being scribbled with chalks!

Invite Birds In Your Backyard

One of the most soothing backyard ideas for kids includes creating a backyard that looks inviting to the birds. Nature is bliss and your kids must learn from the very childhood, the right ways of enjoying nature. You can call in birds by adding birdbaths, birdhouses, bird feeders, flowers and shrubs in your garden. Therefore, make sure you add these small elements in your garden to help your kids enjoy bird-watching.

Install a Bubble Game

Bubble games are a great way to keep your kids engaged in a fun play. Bubbles are not only extremely fun to play but also they help in improving the speech activity of your child. Therefore, install bubble blowers as one of your backyard games.

Keep Toys in the Backyard

You can keep in your garden some fun toys that will keep your kids engaged in games throughout the day. Some of the most fun games include jump ropes, hoops, hula and so on. Engaging your child in games will help him/her stay active and healthy.

Install a Swing and a Slide

The backyard playground must be having a swing and a slide. This will help your garden become more kid-friendly and enjoyable. It is highly recommended that you regularly check the swing for any broken parts. This will help you avoid any mishaps during play. Also, clean the slide often to avoid slippery texture. So, install these fun elements in your garden and let your kids enjoy their childhood!


We hope this article was able to help you know some great ideas for making your backyard kid-friendly. It is suggested that whenever your kids are playing in the garden, an adult supervise them. Supervising is must if you have a toddler playing in the garden. So, which of the above-mentioned backyard creations are you planning to implement for your kids?  Do let us know!

Author’s Bio: Betti Wilson is a freelance author, but, what’s more important, what she is really devoted to, is her children. In her articles, she shares her own experience and writes about parenthood, lifestyle, family challenges and how to deal with them without losing a positive attitude.