Entertaining Your Children This Summer

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Children long for the golden days of summer, but within a few weeks, parents are often pulling out their hair in frustration at all the whining. An endless cacophony of “I’m so bored!” and siblings fighting can make even the most serene backyard feel like a war zone. To help mitigate the calls yet to come, here are a few ideas to entertain your offspring all summer.

Local Lessons

If your child is interested in sports, having a league to play on can help them burn off excess energy. If she is more musical, consider going to a piano store Boston and signing her to tickle the ivories. If he is a budding artist, look into the local craft stores for weekly painting or pottery classes. The library often has children’s activities as well.

Chore Charts

While they may complain about how mean you are by making them work, giving each of your children specific chores to complete before playtime is a parental win-win situation. Not only do you have a way to keep your kids busy for a few hours, but your home is slightly shinier than it would otherwise be! This will be especially useful in the years to come when they live on their own and have to learn to manage a household.

Home Grown Projects

You can find hobbies for each of your children that keep them closer to the house. Perhaps you will give up a corner of the basement for puzzles and toy sets, or maybe allow someone to dig up a corner of the yard to try his or her hand at gardening. If you need to stain the deck, convince your child to learn with you and have a hand in helping.

Summer doesn’t have to be boring so quickly! If you look carefully, you can keep your children in a much happier mood.