Expand your School with the Latest Financing Schemes Available in 2020

expand your school with latest

The education sector has been allocated close to Rs.99,300 crore in the Union Budget 2020-21. This suggests that there is a large scope for infrastructural and quality improvement in the existing schooling system.

The Government of India aims to upgrade the educational system to compete with international institutions. Thus, professionalism and vocational training are on the forefront.

This gives the existing schools the opportunity to increase school funding for a better academic environment. Every school and educational institute seeks to impart the best teaching techniques to strengthen the future generation.

Why does your school need financing?

Schools are not static institutions that remain the same for generations. They have to update their infrastructure, teaching methods, laboratory technologies to employ modern schooling practices.

With higher education opportunities on the rise, schools aim to ensure that they prepare their students to face academic challenges in the global landscape.

So, such institutes need financing to bridge the gap between international and Indian schooling systems.

Private schools are business ventures that require funds to expand the scope of services offered to the students.

With severe competition in the sector, schools need to stay updated when it comes to facilities and amenities available for use.

How to expand with school funding?

School owners can avail funds to improve and expand certain aspects of the schooling system. They can opt for hassle-free enterprise loans to finance the following aspects for a substantial expansion –


An older school building may actually harm the reputation of the same. Rather than shifting the education institute to a brand new place, schools can avail loans to repair or renovate the existing structure.

Expansion is also often necessary for schools with the addition of newer classes and facilities.

Such a source of finance should help you achieve such expansions as well. Business loans ensure that you can manage your school with ease.


School financing is often used to expand the library. A collection of books from both national and international authors of repute can enhance the overall standing of the school in question.

A school with an advanced library and book database system often becomes the primary choice while searching for quality schools.

Science and computer laboratory

Schools can introduce new and modern equipment in science and computer laboratories to provide the best practical knowledge to students.

School funding can be employed to purchase the latest hardware and software to increase technological literacy among the students.

As for science labs, operational equipment for science projects and practical examinations can simulate real-life working conditions for students.

Updating security features

Today, security has become a pressing issue amongst parents and guardians. This is why most modern schools today are equipped with high-end safety features, including CCTV monitoring, complete fire prevention systems and more.

Additionally, children at reputed schools also undergo psychological counselling to help them manage stress.

Incorporating these features require a substantial investment on the part of the school owners or trustees. A loan can significantly reduce their liabilities without compromising on the security of children.

Sports facilities

Schools can invest these funds in improving sports facilities and culture. Bigger playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts will engage more students in physical activities.

Students often consider the availability of advanced sports facilities before taking admission in schools. Thus, a school can expand its sports culture to attract more students.

How to get business funding for schools in 2020?

School owners have several options to finance their school expansion project in 2020. NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv offer Business Loans that are a convenient financing option.

The company provides up to Rs.30 lakh to businesses, including school. These business loans are approved within 24 hours to quicken your school expansion needs.

Bajaj Finserv provides pre-approved offers to ensure easy and swift loan application. These offers are valid on personal loans, home loans, business loans and more.

Business loans are a viable option to increase school funding for school expansion ventures. It can help your school compete with the best brands without overburdening your finances.