Factors to Keep in Mind when Shipping Internationally


Importing or exporting cargo is lucrative and quite essentially the component that draws a difference between a thriving business and a struggling one. It can also be a very costly decision if you do not secure a high profit margin, do not find inventory on time, don’t process the paperwork efficiently or are not able to arrange for warehouse space for your cargo after unloading. Thus, it is imperative to keep the above points into consideration when shipping cargo internationally.

Freight forwarding is the popular carrier option when planning on transporting cargo internationally; in bulk and cost-effectively. Automobile, agro, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing, consumer goods, industrial machinery and other industries from all across the spectrum opt for freight forwarding solutions.
Making a freight forwarder responsible for transporting goods from the point of sailing to the destination. They specialize in processing the paperwork, arranging the paperwork, inventory, storage and liaising with various carriers to negotiate price and recommend the most cost-effective, trusted and fastest route.

Before you proceed any further, here are 4 factors to keep in mind while shipping internationally:

  1. Quality of Service over Price
    Usually while shipping cargo internationally businesses tend to be very singular in their decision making, the one make and break factor for them being price considering how competitive it is. The freight forwarder giving them the best freight rate doesn’t necessarily deliver the best service. The service experience offered by a freight forwarder outweighs the freight rate they offer; by easing the shipper’s tension and facilitating a smooth logistical process. But many shippers have found out the hard way that giving priority to price over service can be detrimental to your business in the long run.
  2. Services
    Successful international shippers know the services they require from the forwarder be it customs clearance , procurement of appropriate paperwork (international export & import documentation, commercial invoice, export license, inspection certificate etc.), insurance for the cargo from damage or piracy, packaging solutions, stuffing (factory or dock stuffing), storage (warehouse or cold storage), inventory management, and shipping tariffs that are charged when shipping internationally (tariff rates vary from country to country).
  3. Experience
    It is important to recognize the importance of experience, profitable international shippers tend to opt for an experienced freight forwarder to handle their cargo. Given the complex and volatile nature of the international shipping industry; there is a need to partner up with an experienced freight forwarder – who is conscious of everything from international law to dock worker strikes (that might affect the delivery of your cargo). A well networked freight forwarder knows the ins and outs of the industry instilling confidence in the shipper. All problems and hindrances encountered are dealt with quickly and efficiently by such a forwarder ensuring that your cargo arrives in a timely manner.For instance, an experienced shipping company will provide hassle free processing and Customs Clearance Dubai when exporting or importing cargo.
  4. Type of Cargo
    The shipper needs to be aware of the type of cargo they are exporting, this will help them understand the prerequisites as well as the logistical arrangements needed to be made to ship their cargo internationally. This also aids in making a decision as to what sort of container to opt for, be it LCL (shared container), FCL (full container) or Reefer (refrigerated container).An informed freight forwarder will ensure that you adhere to the laws and restrictions of the country of destination. Helping you avoid exporting restricted items, and providing you relevant packaging and paperwork for your cargo.

Concluding Remarks
It is crucial to maintain a good relationship with the freight forwarder as it is a partnership of trust and reliance. A freight forwarder who you can trust and rely on, who will offer impeccable customer service and be responsible for your precious cargo. You should choose a top shipping company in Dubai as such a partner will be advantageous to your business and serve its best interests in more ways than one while shipping internationally.