Give Your Wardrobes A New Outfit


Wardrobes are a must-have in bedrooms, and they frequently serve as focus pieces. As a result, they are entitled to the same amount of care and consideration during the design process. Wardrobes are completely influenced by how well they appear as well as how well they can withstand stress and strain. From mirrors to wood and everything in between, there are a plethora of finishes available. This season, your wardrobes deserve new outfits, both inside out.

Wardrobes must be stylish and aesthetically pleasing, as well as long-lasting. That illustrates why more individuals are opting for laminated wardrobes. Wardrobe laminates are simple to mount, maintain, and scratch resilient, in addition to offering great endurance, robustness, and beauty. When you choose a well-known brand like Century plywood, you can choose from a wide range of styles and colours. Keeping with the theme, we’ll go over some of the reasons why century plywood’s wardrobe laminates offer excellent cabinet surface solutions.

Designs from a Wide Range

CenturyLaminates provides high-quality decorative laminate sheets for wardrobes in a variety of distinctive designs and colours that will transform your home or business into a work of art. Our closet design brochures will show you how beautiful laminates may make your house or business seem. Each pattern in our collections is one-of-a-kind and might be the perfect laminate solution for your wardrobe. With our enticing collections, you may reinvent your wardrobe.

Why are CenturyLaminates the best choice for your wardrobes?

CenturyLaminates is India’s leading ornamental laminate maker and marketer. It’s a name that the country has relied on for years to provide only the best laminates. We provide the best laminates in India, which are expertly produced utilizing a proprietary method in which specific resins provide additional durability to our laminates, rendering them scratch and damage-resistant. CenturyLaminates are one of India’s most trusted laminate manufacturers.

The unique line of laminates designed by CenturyLaminates is distinguished by enhanced colour fastness and the highest bonding qualities with substrates currently available on the market.

In India, CenturyLaminates has a fantastic selection of laminates. We offer plenty for anyone to beautify their rooms with, whether it’s glossy interiors, subtle-chic ambience, or a specialized laminate.

1. Laminates with antiviral and antibacterial properties:

CenturyLaminates is India’s only laminate producer with antifungal and antibacterial coating options. They are made using the most cutting-edge ViroKill Technology, which kills over 99.99 percent of germs, fungus, and viruses. As a result, you can be certain that interior hygiene will remain a top focus as you continue visiting “Raho Befikar.”

2. Laminates by BWR:

In India, CenturyLaminates were the first to introduce BWR laminates. The term “BWR” stands for “Boiling Water Resistance.” These laminates are the best laminates in India since they are very resistant to water and moisture and do not swell or warp. CenturyLaminates are manufactured with meticulous attention to every element of the manufacturing process, ensuring that each customer obtains the most attractive laminates available in India for their prized possessions.

3. Resistant to Borers and Termites:

CenturyLaminates are constructed with specific adhesives and chemicals that are resistant to borer and termites, assuring long-term endurance. With these ornamental gadgets, we can take the safety and hygiene of our homes to the next level.

The benefits of Laminates don’t stop there! Let’s see what else Century Laminates has to offer that makes them a smart decision, other than captivating your house with the greatest ornamental surface.

  1. They are built with ViroKill technology and are suitable for a variety of environments, including kitchens, restaurants, and more.
  2. Choose from a variety of ornamental laminates to create furniture that meets your particular requirements.
  3. Laminates are resistant to stains and scuffs.
  4. They require little upkeep and are simple to clean.
  5. Colour Fastness is provided by the CenturyLaminates’ unique Overlay Tissue Layer.
  6. Laminates are naturally durable, making it easier for carpenters to deal with them.
  7. Precision and consistency are achieved by the use of foreign plates, resulting in the greatest degree of finish in the finished product.
  8. The back of the laminate is uniformly sanded to ensure the best adherence to the substrate.
  9. Distribution and retention are among the best in the industry.

The Bottom Line

So, if you are looking to improve the looks of your wardrobe, then choose laminate sheets by CenturyLaminates to get the best results.