Guide 101: Transferring Ownership Of A Trademark Logo Or Business

From ancient times, the trademark has its importance in owning a property, then it can be the goods that are exported to Iran or Imported from China. Every object has some mark on the goods. This has started to play its crucial role in the formation of industrialization. It is one of the important elements for international trade. The trademarks are used in the economics of the countries and the system of import and export. Trademarks can be any sign that helps the products to individualize its standard in the industry with complete authority. This mark will guide the consumers to understand the difference in prices, quality, as well as features of the product.

However, if you are planning to launch a business, you must know that you can have a business trademark for protecting your business idea, logo, and several other characters. For business, a trademark will guide the owners to individualize the products or services. So that when the consumer has access to it, they can easily make sure about the quality; maintain the business credibility in the industry. There are some times when people want to either leave the business or transfer the rights of the business to someone. Here in this blog, you will learn some of the important points for transferring your trademark ownership of the business to another person.

Transferring Trademark Ownership

Some of the owners have various reasons to transfer their trademark ownership or change their business name for some people on an application or registration. This can happen when your trademark request is still under process or even when you already have a trademark. There are several reasons to transfer the ownership such as

  • Another person has bought my business, so I need to transfer the trademark owner. OR
  • I have changed my last name due to some reason; my request is still under process, now I want to change my name.
  • The spelling of the name is not correct, so I want to alter my name spelling so that it can belong to me.

The trademark transfer ownership or changes of the name are generally called an Assignment. Here you may have to pay some fees to change the name or spelling or the ownership of the trademark.

Limitations On Filing Basis

When people are launching a business or need to understand how to trademark a logo, there is always some limitation for the business owner to follow. For these limitations, they either hire some experts or collaborate with services or agencies. Here also when you are working on filing for some changes you are faced with some limitations. When you are filling for the transferring of the ownership or name alteration if your mark relates you can send the request anytime. However, if there are some other cases, you may have to file an Amendment to Allege Use, before you are filing a request for your assignment. You must follow the limitations and the guidelines provided to you by the attorney; it will help you maintain your reputation in the market.

How To Revise Your Ownership Data

When you are planning to change your name or the ownership of the trademark, you must first utilize TEAS (Trademark Electronic Assignment System). Once you have started the filing process you will be required to fill in the information about the new owner or alter the name spelling on the TEAS form. However, if you are not requesting the TEAS form you must look for changing name through filing a paper submission. Either way, you must check your status of the assignment to know if your request has been verified and the name has been updated. Once the name is updated, you will receive a receipt within a week, it will help you in keeping a record of the change. Once you have completely checked the TSDR, to notify the changes regarding the alteration of the name or the ownership, you must look for the final step.

Final Step: Check All The Information And Updates Thoroughly

In the final step, you are requested to notify that all the necessary information is updated incorporating any attorney data required in the file and is also revised. You must check your trademark status after transferring the ownership and publish it on Trademark Official Gazette for international recognition and security.