Home Décor Refreshment Doesn’t Have to Be a Big Deal


If you are considering changing things up in your home interior, ask yourself whether you need big-time remodeling, or a simple style update. If the latter is the case, well you’ve come to the right place; with these useful tips and tricks, refreshing your home décor becomes easy and fun.


Regardless of the size of your remodeling event, getting rid of the clutter is going to have to take place. There is a tiny hoarder in every single one of us, who makes us cling onto objects without objectivity (pun intended). In order to start decluttering, make a list of items you haven’t used in over a year. Once you’ve got it all written down, go through the list and think which items you actually might need and which ones have sentimental value (no, that hairband that you’ve found on the day of your sister’s wedding doesn’t count). The rest of the items can go – either give them out to family, friends, neighbors, your local homeless shelter, or throw them away.

Add Plants


Plants give out oxygen, which not only boosts our focus, but also provides a sense of tranquility. Additionally, green is a color that is pleasing to the eye, so having a couple of flowerpots filled with plants can go a long way in helping you with your home décor. Going with artificial ones is always a cheaper and easier solution, but these pale in comparison to the real ones. If you’re still thinking about going with fake plants, consider that a real plant needs taking care of, which might give you a sense of satisfaction in itself.

Front Door


There is no stronger impression than the first one; even if you’ve put a lot of sweat into your home remodeling, the neglected front door may ruin your guests’ first impression. If you don’t feel like investing in a brand-new door (replacing the old one for a safer model might be the smartest way to go), spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint, a new knob or a new knocker (which is no excuse for disregarding repairing that broken doorbell).



Refreshing your walls with vibrant colors is easier than it sounds. Simply cover the floor and the furniture using nylon, opt for a fresh and vibrant color and rejuvenate those walls – you won’t believe how much difference this makes. Go for soft blues, vibrant greens or muted yellows for that lively, summery feel.

Kitchen Cabinets

Speaking of repainting, you can always refresh your cabinets by adding a fresh coat of paint. If you’re into the European-style of kitchens, completely remove the doors – it will be as if you bought new cabinets without actually spending a single buck.

Add a Throw

Put a throw over your dinning table or sofa and it will appear as if you bought new furniture. These can add both color and texture to your room, so they are easy to match with any color that you might have chosen for your walls – simply buy a matching one.

Pro tip: buy a couple of different variants and constantly shuffle through sets, this will instantly refresh your décor.



There is more to mirrors than using them to see your reflection – they add more light to your home. Strategically placing mirrors opposite windows and directing them in accordance with your need and desire makes sure that there is always more daylight entering your home than your windows would allow by themselves. Additionally, mirrors create a feeling that a room is larger than it appears.



Tired of those old, dim lights? Well, replace them. Having a properly lit home is a big deal, both in terms of your productivity and general mood within your home. LED lights are always a great way to go, seeing as how they consume less energy and last longer – even though LED bulbs are a bit pricier than regular ones, they pay off in the long run.

Your home remodeling or décor refreshment might take less time and effort than you may have thought. Take these tips into account and breathe life into your home – everyone will appreciate it!