How Parents Can Find Time For One Another


Parenthood is a wonderful thing with many rewards, but there is no doubt that it’s also demanding and can feel overwhelming at times. Raising children is not easy, and there always seems to be something that has to be done and something that has to be organized. Within all this chaos and busy-ness, it’s easy for parents to lose their focus on their own relationship because they are so concerned with taking care of their children.

Although, of course, it’s vital for parents to look after their children, it’s just as important to keep the relationship between them strong. With that in mind, here are some of the ways parents can find time for one another, no matter how busy things get.

Be Intimate

One thing that can often suffer when parenting becomes full-on and busy is a couple’s sex life. Everyone is tired, and there never seems to be any privacy anyway, and in the end, it becomes a habit not to be intimate with one another, rather than vice versa.

It’s important not to let this happen, as physical contact and intimacy is an important part of a good relationship. Even if you are too tired for sex, just holding hands or a goodnight kiss can be a good idea. Small gestures go a long way and help to keep intimacy alive.

When you do have the time and the inclination to enjoy one another fully, make sure you try new things and keep everything exciting. You could look at, for example, and bring sex toys into the bedroom, or you might try a new position or telling one another naughty stories. Experiment as much as possible with the time you have, and it will feel much more worthwhile.

Schedule Time Together

It might not sound very romantic, but it might be that you’re all so busy you do have to schedule a time to be together. If this is the case, don’t focus on the fact that you have to do this – just do it and focus on the positive outcome instead.

One thing you might do as a couple is to schedule a regular date night. You can hire a babysitter, book a table in a restaurant, and go and see a movie, for example. Or perhaps you have a hobby you share, and you can do that. Or you might want to spend the evening at home, and the kids can have a sleepover with friends or their grandparents, for example. If you’re going to have a date night, it does need to just be the two of you, no matter what you choose to do, so make sure this is the case.

Share Responsibilities

If one parent does the majority of the housework and taking care of the children, this is not a good way to have a good relationship, and it’s going to make it hard to spend time together. After all, one of you is always going to be doing something important, even if the other is at a loose end.

It’s far better to share all the responsibilities around the house, including cooking and cleaning, as well as those linked to children, like taking them to their after-school clubs or looking after them when they’re sick. If all these jobs are shared, both parents will have more time to spend with one another, and no one will feel resentful, which is certainly something that can happen when there is an uneven split of tasks within a household.