How to Add a Touch of Class to Your Outdoor Space

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Most people strive to have an attractive garden; however, adding a bit of class, which can also provide a bit of increased privacy, is never going to be a bad move. Nobody likes the feeling that a nosey neighbor is constantly spying on them while they are trying to relax and unwind in their garden. In fact, in extreme circumstances, this can even lead to the garden not being used at all.

However, it is important that you obtain a well-balanced look rather than just blocking out your neighbor’s view, and getting this right can be a little bit tricky, especially if you are restricted in size due to having a small plot.

Make a feature wall

If you are not so overlooked due to having an abundance of high leafy trees but just want to add a touch of class, you can make a feature out of one particular area. The most obvious would be the wall or boundary that is furthest away from your house. This is because it is likely to be viewed from multiple angles and possibly even from certain rooms that face your garden area.

Adding a mirror, outdoor clock, or even a piece of garden artwork such as a composite screen with clever planting around it could draw the eye andgive a particularly stunning conversation piece to your outdoor area.

Indulge in more private areas

If you are concerned about prying neighbors, then you should certainly consider a free-standing solution to screen your garden. This can be used as an attractive divider as well as bringing a bit of welcome shelter to the more used parts of the garden. Decorative screens (that can also double as a bit of garden artwork) can be low maintenance if you choose the right product.

For instance, composite products will not need chemical treatments and will not rust; just a simple wash down with mild soapy water from time to time to keep them looking good. They also have the advantage of being available in different sizes, including up to 2m high panels.

Decorate your fence panels

Of course, not everyone has a garden big enough to have a screened private area within it, and for these smaller gardens, there is still an option open to you. You could, for instance, invest in some decorative composite trellis to adorn the top of your fence panels.

This will undoubtedly provide additional privacy from your neighbor while also looking attractive. If you have a minimalist garden design, they will make a great addition, whereas if you like your garden heavily ladened with plants, they can be used to support and train your climbing plants.

So, a few final thoughts

Using composite screens and panels in your garden can add a touch of class while also having the benefit of being particularly low maintenance and extremely weather-hardy. Adding a practical feature to your garden while also increasing your privacy levels is incredibly desirable and will soon see you falling in love with your garden again and using it to its full potential.