How to Choose the Best Wedding Venue

When getting married, you have so many things to take care of (too many if you ask some couples), the biggest thing being your wedding venue. The choice of the venue can make or break your wedding party and you really need to do your best to pick the right location that will fit your wedding vibe and budget. So where do you start with venue choosing and what to keep an eye on during the process? 

Start with your vision

If you have the aesthetic of your wedding in mind, choosing a perfect wedding venue will be much easier. Are you looking for a contemporary wedding vibe? Consider renting a gallery, museum or even an industrial warehouse. On the other hand, a Boho or vintage wedding will benefit from renting a barn or a ranch, or maybe even organizing a small backyard wedding (depends on your guest list). Your venue should complement your wedding theme and your personality and allow all the right details to stand out. 

Check availability

Start your venue search as early as possible. The best venues are usually booked up to a year in advance (even more) so make sure to get started early. It would be such a shame to find a perfect venue just to realize it’s not available around your date. 

Settle on a number of guests

Expect your party to be ruined if you have to cram 200 guests into a 100-guest space—someone is getting elbowed in the face on the dance floor for sure. Have your conversation early about the number of people you want to invite, so you know what you’re working with (it’s not unusual to underestimate the invites as well as people your parents want to invite). It’s better to have a few extra seats so aim higher. For small and intimate wedding dinners popular in the States today, you can consider renting a restaurant. There are excellent restaurants in Coral Gables (Florida was and will always be the top wedding destination) that allow private events. If you want to focus on intimacy and great food, this is your best venue option. 

Study the packages

Some venues offer their guests different packages, depending on the budget. It’s usually possible to get a full service package or a half service package, depending on whether you want to pay for catering, bar and staffing. If you want to organize a wedding on a budget, it’s best to opt for the latter, because you can search for outside vendors and make some savings. Don’t hesitate to ask your venue about things like food and drink minimum, site fees and other fees that will be added to your bill in the end. 

What about transportation?

One of the best things you can do for your guests is provide them with a venue that’s practical. What does it mean to have a practical venue? Well, it’s necessary to ensure there’s plenty of parking at your location, as well as accommodation with vacancies nearby for guests who are coming to celebrate with you out of town. If traveling to your wedding venue is full of discomforts, expect many negative RSVPs, as well as negative comments after your wedding. 

Avoiding curfew

If you study your venue contract, you might notice a part that concerns the time when your party has to end. Before you sign any documents, study the area’s noise ordinance so you can party as long as you want. If you, your spouse and your guests want to welcome the new day while raving to banging music, make sure your venue doesn’t have any restrictions that will rain on your dancing parade. 

Review your budget

Renting the space will cost the most money, but that’s not your only expense connected to the venue. You can also expect décor, flowers and entertainment to boost the costs. Take everything into consideration when renting a venue, and if you completely blow your budget, consider scaling down your venue or your decoration. If you book your venue and realize a large portion of your budget is already gone, you’ll struggle strongly with hiring other wedding elements—this is to be avoided at all costs. 

If you consider all the expenses and all the details you have to keep an eye on, booking the perfect wedding venue is not an easy task. However, if you follow all our recommendations, you will get the venue of your dreams without breaking the bank. 

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