How To Desensitize Your Horse


It takes a lot of time and trust to desensitize your horse but it is a worthwhile pursuit because it ensures your animal becomes a safe, reliable mount. Knowing how your horse will react in different situations will help you react appropriately. If you are interested in beginning the desensitizing process, here are three types of exposure you should make sure your horse encounters.

Loud Noises

Cars backfiring, fireworks shooting and shouting can all spook a horse easily. If you expose your horse to a variety of loud noises and help him realize that he is still safe, these problems will not bother him anymore. Start by slowly raising your voice around him and then move on to cranking our car while the horse is nearby. As your horse becomes accustomed to these noises, start incorporating new ones.

Colorful Objects

Unfamiliar objects can often cause a horse to spook. Use different everyday objects to accustom your pet to various situations. You may start by waving a colorful flag around him. When he gets used to that exercise, graduate to setting up different colorful horse jumps and leading your horse through, allowing him to examine each one. You can then practice riding through the jumps before allowing your horse to tackle them head-on by jumping.

Scary Situations

It’s easy for your horse to get comfortable if you only work with him in a single environment. Try to move beyond your arena so he gets exposed to different terrain and various bodies of water. It may also help to introduce him to new friends so he understands how to act around unfamiliar horses.

As a rider, you are likely to encounter many unpredictable situations. You can prevent injuries to yourself and your pet by knowing how to react or understanding how to eliminate the issue entirely through desensitization. By introducing your horse to these three elements, you can create a solid foundation for a bombproof mount.