How to Encourage your Child Towards Healthy Development?

How to encourage your child towards healthy development?

Growth is a continuous process that starts as soon as a child is born and goes till adulthood. However, development occurs at different stages that keep on going throughout the life cycle.

Childhood is considered an important stage of life that requires positive encouragement and support to promote proper development in three important aspects which are physical, behavioural, and intellectual. It is very important that a balance is made between these aspects and a strong foundation is made from the very beginning. For a child to be successful and excel, the child must be emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually healthy. These aspects are important for a child’s well-being.

For instance, if a child remains sick all the time, he or she will be lethargic all the time which will affect their behaviour as well.

Let us discuss these aspects and how as a parent you can promote it in your child

Physical development refers to changes that happen in a child’s body as they start to acquire different body movements such as gross and fine motor skills or hand-eye coordination.

Fine motor skills are the ability to use small parts such as hands and fingers whereas gross motor skills mean mastering the use of large muscles like arms and legs. Physical aspects are developed when a child gets to interact and explore the environment they live in. A healthy environment helps in healthy physical development. A child needs an open and encouraging environment where they can easily work on developing new skills.

There are different ways by which you can promote physical development in a child

A nutritious diet

A child requires a well-balanced diet that helps in extracting a good amount of energy that is necessary for their healthy physical development. A portion of healthy food includes all the elements of calcium, vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Sports and Exercise

Regular exercise and sports help in building a child’s immunity and enable a child to become mentally and physically tough.

Social development

When a child interacts with people around them, it helps in social development. They learn to be comfortable around people, talk to them, learn to control their emotions, form a new relationship, start to care about others and learn to be shared.

These traits help in building confidence and make them more self-reliant. There are different ways by which you can inculcate social development.

Create a supporting environment

A child to develop emotionally healthy needs a supportive environment that comes with a non-judgemental and free place where they can express themselves easily. This helps in boosting self-reliance and confidence in them.

Promote self-awareness

It is very necessary as a parent to respond to your child positively. They need their parent’s attention and communication that helps in making them aware of themselves and interested in learning new things.

Intellectual development

It refers to how a child’s mental process works like their span of attention, how they retrieve information, reasoning ability, how they remember things, their problem-solving techniques, and their thought process.

Intellectual development gives an insight into the child’s logical aspect at different stages.

Here are different ways by which you can develop intellectual skills in your child.

Promote problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills are an important skill in a child’s life. Encourage the child to play educational games such as puzzles, riddles, board games, and brain games. These games require a child to generate new ideas and find a creative way to solve it. As a parent, you need to patiently attend to their queries and listen to their thoughts.

Focus on the span of attention

A child needs to have a strong attention span. To improve their attention, provide them with work that seems interesting and allows them to fully indulge in it. Since as soon as they start school, a child has to be more structured and repetitive in their work. So, the work they do must be interesting enough to keep them glued to it.

Work on memory skills

Many strategies can be used for improving their memory skills, such as introducing them to DIY projects for kids, science kits, educational toys, or games that involve sequences.

To sum up

Every parent needs to be supportive and encouraging toward the child to incorporate healthy skills in the child. A child must get a healthy environment that helps in positive physical, intellectual and emotional development.