Ideas to Make Your Honeymoon Extra Special


Getting married is one of life’s biggest events. This show of commitment to the person you love is a symbol of your connection and trust. A honeymoon trip to somewhere special is the perfect way to round off the celebrations. Here are a few ideas to help you make your honeymoon a truly memorable getaway that you will both remember forever.

Upgrade Your Transport

If you are going somewhere far from home, treat yourselves to upgraded transport by booking business class or first-class seats. Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or boat, upgraded seats can transform an uncomfortable journey into a luxurious one. Get your honeymoon off to the best start with a relaxing, indulgent trip designed to prepare you for further extravagance.

Stay Somewhere Luxurious

Honeymoons are unlike other types of getaways in that they are usually once-in-a-lifetime and deserve to be treated as such. If your partner has always wanted to go to Hawaii, for example, your honeymoon is the perfect excuse to do so. Choose a luxurious Oahu resort where you can both bask in the sun and take in the paradise around you. By fulfilling this dream, you enhance the whole trip. Paying extra for luxury is more than worth it to celebrate your marriage, especially if it means that you will both be more comfortable.

Bond Over Activities

Every destination has its own unique culture and accompanying activities to attract tourists. Find an activity that you and your partner can participate in together and use it as a bonding experience. Swimming with dolphins, sky-diving, climbing a mountain or making something together are all great examples of unforgettable experiences that bring people closer when they share them. You could either take an interest in an existing passion of your partner’s, introduce them to a passion of yours, or even try something completely new together.

Treat Yourselves to the Best Dining

Food is an aspect of life that wields an immense power to connect people. This is why so many romantic occasions involve eating with your partner. For a special honeymoon, research the finest restaurants in the area and book yourselves a table. Order the finest meals and share in the indulgence with the person you love.

Give Each Other Your Full Attention

It’s normal in relationships to occasionally have periods of more or less attention between each partner. Sometimes you will be too busy to spend an entire day giving your undivided attention to your spouse. However, on your honeymoon, this is the time to be truly focused on each other. Don’t be distracted by your devices or problems from the outside world. This is a time for you both to enjoy each other’s company to the fullest and celebrate your union.

Planning a wedding from start to finish is a huge feat and starting your life as part of a married couple can be daunting. The honeymoon is the ideal chance to spend quality time with your partner and share special memories. Use this guide to plan the most beautiful and romantic honeymoon for you and your new spouse.