Important Facts To Know Before Visiting The UAE

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Dubai is possibly one of the most interesting cities to visit in the world, mainly because its population is almost as cosmopolitan as that of New York with the majority being made up of expats who have relocated.

The city skyline is crowded with numerous high rises – one of which is the tallest building in the world – and modern architecture, but the city is old and has a long history and some amazing sights that date back to the Bronze Age, making the mixture of old and new fascinating.

Regardless of how cosmopolitan and tolerant the city is and how developed it becomes, Dubai is still rooted in its traditions, hospitality and religions, making it an exciting, interesting and dynamic destination to visit on holiday.

This means that there are some things you should know before you board the plane, however, including:

What to Where and When

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The UAE being a Muslim country means that it is vital that travellers pack appropriate clothing for the duration of their vacation.

There are areas in which you will need to dress moderately and there are areas that you don’t, but you will need to be able to distinguish the difference between them. The two areas include:

  • Public Areas

While in public areas – which consist of malls, the airport, while riding in public transport and at restaurants – both men and women are expected to dress modestly. But what exactly does modestly mean?

Dressing modestly refers to having your shoulders and knees covered while out and about, and generally avoiding showing too much skin overall. By dressing modestly, you will be respectful of the local culture and the UAE’s religion and will avoid offending anyone.

  • Private Areas

Private areas – which consist of hotels and resorts and their beaches and pools – are seen as ‘internationally friendly zones’ where there is little to no need to worry about what you are wearing.

This means that if you are sitting by the pool, you can wear your bikini, if you are at the restaurant, you can wear your short shorts and a skimpy top, without having to worry about being stared at or offending anyone.

Additionally, it is a good idea to take a backpack with you when you leave your hotel, too, in order to carry around a pashmina for times when you do need to cover up more – most of the time that is if you visit a mosque, for example.

Accommodation Options Galore

Dubai, UAE. Atlantis hotel from above
There is no shortage of amazing accommodation options in Dubai, as you can imagine, meaning there is an option for each and every scenario – whether you are travelling with a group of friends, solo, or with your family.

There are a number of stunning hotels in Dubai that make for the perfect base for couples to see the city and enjoy the nightlife, exciting resorts where families can indulge in an array of activities, and hostels where solo travellers can meet new people and make new friends.

What and Where to Eat
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I travel on my stomach, meaning that knowing exactly what I can try while visiting a new destination and where I can try these dishes is incredibly important to me.

Dubai has a wide selection of amazing restaurants and cafes that cater to all tastes and budgets, meaning that there is something for absolutely everyone.

As Dubai is a Muslim region, there will be no pork dishes at the major restaurants, instead you will find dishes that include lamb, beef, chicken and sometimes camel, made with a variety of spices and vegetables.

Most of the food in Dubai is inspired by Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, however, there are restaurants serving up everything from French to Italian, and English to American cuisine.

When planning you next holiday to Dubai, keep in mind the information provided above, as it gives you an idea of what you should expect while holidaying in the city.