In Which Country is it Possible to Receive the Cheapest IVF Treatment?

IVF Treatment Price in India


When you are looking for the successful as well as cost-effective IVF treatment, the first name that strikes the mind is India. The average IVF Treatment Price in India is USD 6,000. However, it can differ depending upon the number of IVF cycles, cause of IVF treatment, patient under treatment and most importantly, the age of the patient.

The factor that creates a significant difference in the price of IVF treatment is age. Let us have a look at the cost of treatment in other countries and know how it can be a savage to your pocket by availing the treatment in India

Country Cost of Treatment

(in dollars )

(Age below 35 years  )

Cost of Treatment

(in dollars)

(Age above 44 years)



4,000 86,350


8,500 300,000


33,800 1,250,000


25,350 937,500


14,550 550,637


10,135 375,000


It is just the cost comparison in a few top countries of the world which specialise in providing the most successful IVF treatment. But, if you consider other countries too, you can see that there are no countries in the world that offer the procedure at a lesser cost than India.

What can be the factors for variation of cost of IVF treatment in India?

There can be minor changes in the treatment cost of the patient in India, depending on the personalised condition of the patient. These factors are:

    • The expenses in the tests and diagnosis of the patient
    • Choice of gynaecologist in India
    • Personal preference of the patient regarding the hospital to avail the treatment
    • Use of drugs and medicines
    • Sterility issues in male or female partner
    • Cost of medications
    • Number of IVF cycles required for treatment
    • Follow-up care, if needed
    • Number of days spent in the hospital
    • Type of IVF procedure used for the treatment

As the patients suffer infertility due to varied reasons, you cannot expect the procedure of treatment to be same for all. It is unique for everyone, depending on the diagnosis reports of the patient. Moreover, if the age of the patient is less that is below 35 years, it is possible to avail the treatment in India at comparatively low cost.

At age above 45 years, the reasons for sterility in patients is complex. For females, the number of ovaries reduces as the number of eggs in a woman are determined by birth; it is not possible to change it.

Similarly, there are hormonal changes in males, which require more complex procedures for treatment and hence, it is expensive. In patients below 35 years of age, it is possible to heal most of the cases with natural fertilisation, but for age more than 45 years 50% of the cases require a donor for artificial insemination.

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Final Words:

If you wish to turn your dream of being a parent, in reality, choose to avail the Best IVF Treatment in India, that too at very affordable prices. Most of the patients undergoing IVF treatment in other countries, give up on failure after one cycle as they cannot afford to pay for the second one. However, the low price of treatment in India, keep the hopes alive.