It’s Time to Refresh your Business Logo: Why, When, and How?


Recently, PayPal made a headline where they were noticed for refreshing their logo and promoted their brand through an interesting campaign. Apart from people’s reactions, PayPal raised the topic of how logos play an essential role in promoting services across different audiences.

Let us discuss the essential role of a logo and when and why you should change or refresh your logo and quick tips on how you can do it.

Why you need a strong logo?

It helps in developing strong brand identity

A strong logo helps in establishing trust and an influential image among customers. It speaks about your services and people tend to remember and connect with them. For instance, the NIKE swoosh logo represents speed and motion, however the swoosh symbol in Greek means victory

It helps you stand out among your competitors

A unique and strong logo becomes recognizable which means they remain impressionable in the mind of consumers for a long time. A strong brand is preferred among its competitors and enjoys a huge advantage over its competitors in the market.

It helps in developing trust

A strong and appealing logo helps in making a strong position which further helps in building trust among the consumers. Any day consumers choose to go for a brand that reflects trust over a brand that does not communicate what it ought to be doing.

When It’s Time To Refresh Your Logo

It makes people believe that you are running an outdated service

Trends and preferences keep on changing which can easily affect how people perceive your service, brand, and logo. you never know a logo that once impressed people can now look outdated and boring. It is always better to seek professional help and get your logo updated at least after 5 years to get it updated with the latest trends.

It means your business lacks evolution

Every service or business should evolve. Every business needs constant growth and opportunity which helps in reflecting what your company is about. If your logo fails to reflect what your brand is all about then you need to upgrade it immediately.

It does not match with your brand

How your services get reflected through branding and logo matters! If your business brand and logo reflect different messages to your audience which can become confusing for them. Thus it puts off your consumers easily.

How To Achieve An Effective Logo

Now that you know that your logo requires a makeover, here are some essential tips that you can follow for achieving an effective logo for your business.

Keep it simple

Logo helps in representing your business and an effective logo makes sure that it stays on the customer’s mind for long after. Among a pile of various designs, it is always better to keep it simple and unique. Do not go for loud colours or different fonts. By choosing very little you can easily make a large impact.

Give it a test drive

It is always better to test what you have designed on consumers who are unaware of your service. This will give you an idea about how the audience is perceiving your logo and the brand associated with it.

Refresh it

Instead of changing, you can try to just refresh a little bit. Keep a keen eye on your logo and the response it brings now and then to know when you need to make necessary changes.

To sum up

You need to observe whether or not your logo is bringing expected attention from your audience or not. A logo needs to represent your service, if not it needs a makeover. A strong logo helps in gaining people’s trust so for all your requirements of logo designing in Dubai you can seek service from a logo design company in Dubai.