Maintaining Your Pool Lets You Enjoy Summertime Fun


Spring has arrived bringing with it sunny skies and warmer weather. As the temperatures rise, the pool looks more and more inviting. But after the long winter, is your pool ready to jump in? Prep your pool for the summer then schedule regular maintenance to make your backyard the ultimate summer oasis.


Ideally, your pool still has water preventing further problems throughout the winter months. A pool service company in Sarasota, FL starts your prep by doing a chemical open on the pool. The company cleans out baskets, removes any plugs and puts together the filtration system. The water is topped off and tested for mineral content and pH levels. The chemicals are balanced, and the company may shock the pool with chlorine.


The beginning of the season is a great time to finally overhaul that outdated pool or make needed repairs. Replacing the liner or re-plastering the pool are common renovations to do. Extend the outdoor space by adding or replacing the pool deck. Add slides, diving boards, ladders or water features to your pool. Replace broken or outdated tile. If the pool leaks, the pool renovation company may want to replace the entire pool giving you an opportunity to change the shape or add a spa.


Whether your pool needs a good scrub or a full remodel to get the season started, regular maintenance keeps the pool looking good all season long. Keeping the filter clean daily, skimming the surface of the water daily for debris such as leaves, vacuuming the pool and checking the chemicals are daily to weekly pool maintenance needs.

Keeping the pool covered and full during the winter months can help you better maintain the pool throughout the year. Clear, beautiful water is inviting during the heat of the day. Make sure your pool is ready for months of joyful swimming.