Make Your Guests Ask You About Your Beautiful Exterior


Why should interiors only be gorgeous and aesthetic? Why should interiors always get more attention and care? Interiors make guests feel warm and at home, but exteriors make them feel welcomed.

Anytime anyone visits your house, whether it is you, family, friends, and other guests, your exteriors are the first thing anyone notices first. It is something that everyone catches sight of; if that’s attractive, your guests are going to be amazed by what they see inside.

Many people decide to choose wall cladding in their walls, especially on the exterior of their house. But what is wall cladding? Wall cladding is a method of protecting buildings by adding an extra coat on top of another coat to prevent the walls and interiors of a building from getting damaged by water. Wall cladding also gives an aesthetic and appealing look to the exteriors of the house.

Advantages of exterior wall cladding are:

  • It protects the building from high temperatures, humidity, rain, and pollution. It also prevents the building walls from cracking, thus ensuring that the structure of the building remains intact during different weathers.
  • It gives an aesthetic and modern look to your house.
  • It doesn’t require much maintenance and only needs to be washed or repaired less frequently. It can also be easily cleaned and washed.
  • Wall cladding has many options to choose from. It can be done with a variety of materials to give your house an amazing look.
  • It prevents the walls from absorbing heat and acts as a layer of heat insulation. It also doesn’t allow unwanted external sounds to come in.

CenturyPly has a range of high-quality designer laminates which are produced keeping in mind global standards. CenturyExteria decorates your building facades and balconies with amazing quality and designs.


CenturyPly sells Exterior Laminates, a dry cladding material used to decorate the exteriors of buildings. Wall cladding can be used on houses, malls, hospitals, offices, and other such buildings.

It is made with hardened resins, which is what makes it so strong to withstand extreme temperatures and weather. The laminates are formed using:

  • Imported European virgin deco paper
  • long fibre kraft paper
  • Weatherproof German acrylic film makes it highly resistant to rains, sunlight, storms, and extreme temperatures, and Ultra Violet rays.

Why do many people choose CenturyPly Exterior Laminates or CenturyExteria laminates?

  • It is produced with double hardened resin, which makes the laminate extra durable. It is very strong and has dimensional stability, which helps to avoid it from denting or getting damaged easily, which is why many people prefer it for wall cladding.
  • It is suitable for ventilated façade system. This is a system that leaves a gap between the wall and the cladding, which leads to a layer of the air chamber, making it a thermal barrier. It also helps to save energy.
  • The laminates hold EN 438 Class #1 and ASTM E84 Class A certification, meaning they have a low fire spread rate and also produce minimal smoke.
  • They can be assembled and disassembled easily.
  • There are no specific processes and instructions which need to be followed when one wants to clean the laminates; it is a very easy and hassle-free procedure. It also requires very little maintenance due to its long-lasting feature.

The Bottom Line

CenturyExteria wall cladding offers a range of shades and designs like 3418 Deco Walnut Dark Brown, 3531 Tyrol Pine, and 3835 Granum Taupe. Customers can get all information on their website, to get the best cladding for your exteriors. CenturyPly also offers to design as per your requirements and preferences. Make your walls as beautiful as you with lovely wall cladding that makes your building look unique, attractive, and stunning.