Modern Style Decorating Living Room Ideas for 2019

Living Room

Decorating your home is a personal thing in every sense of the word.

You are the one who will decide what goes inside the home and what does not gives the vibes.

Whether it is replacing the old rug in the living room, buying more lights, or adding more accessories to the study room, you have the final word.

Although it is a free choice thing, in the end, what you place will decide how much you know about home décor.

With that said, we have come up with a list of the best modern style decorating living room to spruce up your home décor this 2019.

Ottoman / Bench

  • Having a bench or ottoman in the living room is a great and stylish décor furniture It also offers you extra seating in case of more people.
  • The best thing about a bench or ottoman is these are versatile, and one can place these in different locations, including the entryway, near the bed, or the living room.
  • You can also try to get one with additional storage options, which will help people coming in to keep their hats, shoes, or bags.


Although we live in an age where people prefer to buy a digital book reader to an actual paperback novel, the same does not hold for your home.

  • Books in the living room on a shelf are excellent decoration ideas for some reasons, including filling the empty bookshelves and displaying height.

  • Moreover, these also provide a great option to increase knowledge rather than staring down on a mobile screen to learn something new.
  • In short, books are the best source of knowledge, as well as a great decoration idea.

Personal Art

  • When you include a piece of painting done by you in the living room or drawing room area, it adds to the personality of the space.
  • It is better than the majority of paintings mass-produced and sold in the market.
  • By personal art, we are referring to something unique for you and hold value for you, especially something as an artistic talent.
  • Your choice of personal art can include your photos, which you can hang on the wall. It can also add an item given by a loved one, which holds value for you and is personal.

In short, the basic idea is to display something not found in your neighbor’s home. It is amongst one of the great modern style decorating ideas you can adapt to give your home an excellent winter décor.

Choose Something Cozy

  • When it comes to the bedroom, naturally you would use blankets and quilts. It is here that you would need something soft and cozy when lying on the bed or couch.
  • Make sure to choose hand-woven woolen items when looking to decorate the drawing room area with quality fabrics for cozying up.


Thus, when you are looking to give your house décor a new look for this winter, then try these excellent modern style decorating living room.