Moisture Can Be Tough On Your Interiors. Here’s How To Tackle It

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Home is the safest and warmest place on Earth for everyone. Whenever we build our dream home, we put in so much effort to make it look as beautiful as possible. The interiors of our home form an important part of the way our house looks. Not just in the case of homes, but interiors also form an integral part of designing any space.

Various commodities are used to put together an eye-appealing interior decoration. Woodwork is an important element in designing. Plywood is used to make shelves, furniture, and even statues. It is important to procure good quality plywood to ensure we get a good quality, safe, and durable interior. It is important to ensure interior health because if the quality is compromised, it can lead to injuries as parts of the interiors can break and fall apart.

A lot of things cause damage to the interiors. And though we pay careful attention to the prevention of termites, insects, and so on, we forget about an important aspect that causes significant damage to the interiors. This aspect is moisture.

Yes, you heard it right! Most people fail to realise how adversely moisture affects the interiors of a place. Moisture is water or other liquids diffused in small quantities, in the form of vapour, within a solid. Moisture can also be found condensed on a surface.

High humidity, especially over 60 per cent, damages furniture by encouraging mould and mildew. Mildew is a certain kind of mould and fungus. Mould and mildew grow on moist surfaces, and wooden furniture absorbs and holds on to moisture for a long time. Mould causes health problems to humans as they make their place in homes.

Apart from becoming the abode of mould and mildew, low humidity tends to make the furniture, floors, and window panes shrink.

Due to the damage caused to furniture by moisture, CenturyPly Plywood, one of the most popular plywood brands, has come up with BWP grade plywood. Here, BWP stands for Weather and Boil Proof.

CenturyPly’s BWP grade plywood is the first preference of people to protect their interiors from all types of attackers. The Sainik 710-grade plywood comes with an 8 years guarantee.

There are many reasons why CenturyPLy’s 710-grade plywood should be your ideal choice for your interiors. Let us discuss some of them in detail:

   1. Completely Borer and Termite-proof-

Termites are a common occurrence around furniture. Termites live and feed on the wooden furniture and other woodworks and make them hollow from the inside. Termites can harm the quality of plywood and make them weak. Though termites do not cause direct harm to humans, sitting on termite-ridden furniture and living around germs and insects, in general, can cause health issues. CenturyPly understands the importance of termite-proof plywood and, as a result, has introduced the 710-grade BWP plywood that makes it impossible for borers and termites to thrive on their surfaces.

   2. Waterproof plywood-

The 710 BWP plywood is completely moisture-proof. As a result, it does not hold onto moisture like other woods and stops the formation of mould, mildew, fungi, and sprouts from occurring. Fungi and mildew generally do not affect human lives directly, but they are not good to have in the interior for sure. Apart from keeping your plywood safe from unwanted organisms, the CenturyPly Plywood also offers protection against swelling and shrinking of the wood. Both shrinking and swelling of the ply not only alter the looks of the interiors and furniture but also affects the durability of the wood.

   3. Strength and durability-

The 710-grade plywood is way stronger than any normal plywood on the market. Such strong materials are appropriate for the interiors as they are highly durable and reliable. Further, the protection it grants against the various anti-climatic conditions and living organisms makes it even more durable.

The Sainik BWP, 710-grade plywood, is considered to be the plywood of the nation because of its quality and durability. The company offers an 8 Years warranty because they are aware of the great quality product they have built.

Moisture causes terrible harm to the interiors and to human health in general. It is important to ensure that the interiors of our houses or offices are in good health. Apart from termite protection, we must also ensure proper ventilation. Proper ventilation prevents the moisture from getting trapped and allows free circulation of the air. As a result, there is less moisture retention and more freshness indoors.

If you are looking for great BWP plywood, be sure to check out Sainik 710. This plywood has been specially curated, keeping in mind the needs of the wooden interiors, and therefore it offers protection from multiple attackers at a very reasonable price of ₹105/unit across the country. It is easily available offline, so you can easily check its quality yourself before purchasing it.

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