Need Funds for Your Next Trip? Get a Flexi Personal Loan


Travelling can be quite expensive. From buying tickets to paying for the hotel stay and numerous other expenditures, travelling for work or vacation can be a bother. Keeping this in mind, non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) like Bajaj Finserv has devised a flexi-personal loan. The aim is to make your travel time seem relaxing and hassle-free.

What is a flexi-personal loan?

As the name suggests, it is a personal loan which is flexible. The loan gives you the liberty to draw sums based entirely on your needs. You can then repay the loan as per your convenience.

Whenever you need financing, you are free to withdraw money from the approved loan limit. After this, if you are short on cash, simply start repaying the interest on the borrowed money. Whenever you have excess funds in your hands, you can pre-pay it.

Are you eligible for such a loan? You could be. Many NBFCs will extend a pre-approved loan to you based on your credit profile. You can check out such pre-approved offers by providing your name and contact details.

Why should you avail the loan?

A flexi-personal loan has multiple benefits. The convenience of using it and the ease of repayment are major advantages.

Here is a look at what the flexi-personal loan has to offer:

  1. Borrow whenever you need: It is an advantage if credit facilities are entirely need-based. What are you going to do with funds that you don’t need right away? For example, you feel that you may require a sum of Rs.10 lakh for travelling abroad with your family. So, you apply for a loan and the financial institution quickly disburses the amount. Now, suppose your travel gets delayed by say three months. In such a case, the cash would sit idle with you most of the time. Yet, you would start paying personal loan interest rates on the loan right from the day of its disbursal.

When you have a flexi-personal loan, you can be much more at ease. Unlike a personal loan that charges interest on the principal amount, a flexi-personal loan only charges interest on whatever sum you have borrowed.

LOAN contract-

  1. Make part payments at your convenience: With a flexi-personal loan you can prepay the borrowed amount as per your convenience. Whenever you have excess funds at your disposal, like a Diwali bonus for instance, you can pre-pay the loan. The best part is that you can do this as many times as you like.
  2. Interest-only EMI: Another good reason to subscribe to the loan is the convenience of paying interest-only equated monthly instalments (EMI). That too, you can pay interest only on the borrowed amount and not on the entire sum available to you. Suppose, you have a credit limit of Rs.5 lakh. You have availed only Rs.2 lakh. Therefore, you pay interest only on this Rs.2 lakh and not Rs.5 lakh.
  3. Instant access to funds: Personal loans are unsecured. Therefore, they are disbursed quickly without much paperwork. Since flexi-personal loans fall into the general category of personal loans, borrowers can get the loan really fast. This comes in handy when you are travelling on a matter of urgency. In such cases, there could be some heavy expenses involved.


A flexi-personal loan could be your helping hand as you travel. These are loans that offer a lot of convenience when a traveller is not entirely sure about the expenses. The loan allows a traveller to spend whenever the need arises—be it for food, accommodation, or other travel expenses. A high point of the loan relates to the repayment. Borrowers can pay interest-only personal loan EMIs as is the case for personal loans. You can make use of the personal loan eligibility calculator available on the website of various NBFCs to check out how much loan you can avail.