Noise is the Highest Selling Domestic Brand of Truly Wireless Earphones in India in 2019


New Delhi, May, 8th 2020. A study of the Indian audio market from global industry analysis firm Counterpoint Research, published last week shows that Noise is the top selling domestic brand of truly wireless headphones in India.

The study shows that Noise is the only Indian brand amongst the top 5 highest sellers in the TWS segment (truly wireless Bluetooth headphones) with 12% market share.

The study attributed Noise’s success to a combination of aggressive pricing and a portfolio of products with great features. This is borne out by the fact two products from Noise were amongst the top 5 highest selling models of earphones in the segment in India; the entry-level Shots X1 Air and the premium Shots X5 Charge. No other single brand had two separate models amongst the top 5 highest selling models last year.

Counterpoint’s research also shows a soaring 700% growth in the segment, over the previous year, boosted by rising smartphone adoption, faster 4G cellular data speeds and low data costs.

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About Noise:

Noise is a smart tech brand that was founded to make everyday tech products available and accessible to the bold, energetic youth of new India. We live to help the latest technology reach the people around us, every day.

The Gurugram based brand was founded by Amit Khatri & Gaurav Khatri, in 2014. Noise started its journey with smartphone cases, later diversifying into Smart Wearables and Wireless Earphones. As per a recent report published via reputed global industry analysis firm Counterpoint Research, Noise became the no. 1 domestic brand for truly wireless earphones in 2019. Moreover, Noise has been listed as one of the top players on Amazon and Flipkart, for four years in a row.

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